British and American writers of 20th century



Otázka: British and American writers of 20th century

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British authors


  • writing experimental prose
  • contrasted with realism
  • focused pf inner life and subjectivity
  • they used stream of consciousness (wanted to catch the ideas of authors as they were)

Virginia Woolf

  • Dalloway, To the lighthouse

James Joyce

  • interior monologues, hard to understand the relationship between his characters,
  • Ulysses (a paraphrase of Odysseia)



George Orwell

  • born in India, real name Eric Arthur Blair
  • wrote allegorical novels about totalitarian systems (Russia, Stalin era)
  • deals with social injustice, democratic beliefs
  • Animal farm, 1984


Angry young men:

  • middle class British playwrights and novelists
  • weren’t happy with establishment
  • less radical than Beat generation
  • Kingsley Amis, John Osborne



Agatha Christie

  • detective stories, the queen of crime created characters Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple
  • many movies based on her books
  • The murder on the Orient express



Samuel Beckett

  • Irish novelist, lived in Paris
  • horrific and tragic images
  • barrier to communicate
  • nonsensible language, chaos
  • Nobel prize in literature
  • Waiting for Godot


American authors

The lost generation:

  • during roaring 20s, they were young in the war
  • wrote about disillusion and pessimism
  • destroyed, depressed, felt lost in the society

Ernest Hemingway

  • adventurous life, lots of travelling
  • wrote very simply (as he was a journalist)
  • method of iceberg
  • The old man and the sea

Francis Scott Fitzgerald

  • alcoholic, lived in Paris, never fought in war
  • The Great Gatsby

John Steinbeck

  • Pulitzer prize for drama
  • Of mice and men


The beat generation

  • after WW2, hippies movement, rock and roll, pop music, against materialism of society, used the word hipster first

Jack Kerouac

  • On the road
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