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  • The name Canada comes from the original inhabitants. Indians used the word „Kanata“which means „village“.


Geographical location and facts

  • Canada is situated in the northern part of North America (except Alaska) and many islands.
  • it is the second largest country in the world
  • They neighbours (sousedí) with the USA – with Alaska.
  • Canada has large mountain areas – the Rocky Mountains, the Mackenzie Mountains and the Melville Hills.
  • The highest mountain is Mt. Logan in the Alaska Region.
  • The longest river is the Mackenzie (flows from the Rocky Mountains to the Arctic Ocean), other big rivers are the Yukon and the River St. Lawrence (into the Atlantic).


Political system and administration

  • Canada is an independent federal parliamentary system
  • Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the state. Their Federal Parliament has 2 housesà The House of Commons and The Senate
  • Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 2 territories.
  • Canada has many wild areasà full of mountains and tundra, giant lakes.
  • The biggest province is Quebec with the capital Quebec City.
  • Other provinces: Newfoundland (St. John´s), Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown), Nova Scotia (Halifax), New Brunswick (Fredericton), Manitoba (Winnipeg), Ontario (Toronto), Saskatchewan (Regina), Alberta (Edmonton)…
  • 2 official languages – English and French
  • 60% of population speak English, about 30% speak French…



  • Canada has own national flag since 1964. It is red and in the centre there is a white square with red maple leaf (javorový list).
  • The red stripes (pruhy) are symbols of Canada´s position between the two oceans.
  • A maple leaf has been used as Canada´s national symbol for the past century or more.
  • Red colour is symbolà the blood of the Canadians who died in WWI
  • White represents the snow of the Canadian North.


The Capital

  • Ottawa


Currency and economy

  • Their currency is Canadian dollar – the exchange rate (směnný kurs) is 75 US cents to 1 Canadian Dollar.
  • Canada has mainly coal, metal, oil and gas, machine-building and chemical industries which are highly developer
  • half the land area of Canada is covered by forests


Points of interests

  • Canada is famous for its beautiful countryside (krajina),
  • Visitors of Canada are exciting to see Niagara Falls which are to be found between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.
  • Canada also has high mountain ranges, for example the Rocky Mountains and the Mackenzie Mountains.
  • There are about 30 national parks in Canada, one of them is Jasper National Park in Alberta.
  • Tourists visit Canada´s national parks all the year because they are enjoying walking, climbing, sightseeing, fishing or skiing there.
  • One of the world´s tallest structures, Canadian Tower, was built in Torontoà on the top there is a restaurant and wonderful view of the cityà interesting is that the floor is made of glass



  • The original inhabitants came to Canada from Asia
  • They came across a land bridge
  • The first Europeans here were the Vikings who discovered Canada
  • the Age of Discoveries was in 15th and 16th centuries
  • Since the 16th century the large territories were occupied by the Frenchà but France lost this country in wars with England


Original inhabitants

  • The most of the original people are British, French and European and the other origins are made by Eskimos or Indiansà Eskimos are sometimes called the Intuits.


Famous people

  • An actor Jim Carrey, singer Céline Dion,
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