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Otázka: Canada

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): vanessas



Introduction – a state in North America, the 2nd largest, borders (on) theU.S.A. and 3 oceans around

– about 10 million square km

– over 30 million inhabitants

– a former dominion, a part of the Commonwealth, British Queen is officially the head of state

– the real power is in hands of the Prime Minister, Government, Parliament, state institutions

– the capital isOttawa, 10 provinces, 2 territories +NUNAVUT(a part of theNorthern Territory)


Geography – borders (on) theU.S.A. in the south and north-west (not guarded)

– surrounded by 3 oceans (the A.O. in the east, the P.O. … and theNorth Arctic Ocean)

– the country is ragged (Hudson Bay, many islands, e.g. –St. John´s near the east coast)


Climate – mild in the south, mainly continental (hot summers, frosty winters), subarctic, arctic

– the east coast is cooled by The Labrador Stream (a town at the same latitude asPragueis much colder)


Nature – tundra, taiga, forests, prairies, arable land, mountains, national parks, lakes

– plants – trees, esp. spruce, pine

– animals – bears, wolves, deer

– waters – The Great Lakes (LakeSuperiors, Lake Huron, Lake Erie,LakeOntario),Great Bear Lake, …

– mountains – the Rocky Mountains, the Coast Mountains, the highest point isMount Logan(6050 m)


Population – 2/3 (two thirds) speak English, 1/3 French (inQuebec)

– many minorities

– Indians, Inuit (a branch of Eskimos) – inNunavut

– cities: Vancouver(west), Toronto(Brit), Montreal(French)


History – Indians were the first inhabitants, Vikings about 1000 years ago,

– a French and British colony in the last centuries, now an independent state


Industry – a developed industrial country

– food processing, textile, engineering (machinery), shipbuilding, chemical industry, mines, quarries

National symbols:


Agriculture – wheat, cattle – mainly in the south strip 100 km wide (near the U.S.A.)

Sights – forests, lakes, Niagara Falls, cities, national parks

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