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Fashion is very important for us, because we often judge the person by the clothes which she or he wears. It said that clothes make the man. Fashion doesn’t include only clothes but accessories (jewellery), hairstyle, shoes, handbags and so on.
First of all I would like to speak about money which is important element of this question. We can buy nothing without it – we just can’t afford it. This is the problem in many countries, which are connect with poverty. On the other hand some people think that is important to wear expensive brand. I think that more important is find own style. We should were clothes in which we feel good.



Fashion is connected with geography too. There are differences between countries. In some countries people wear specially clothes because of their traditions and culture. For example in Scotland or Japanese. In Scotland men wear kilts for special events. They are made of wool and look like skirts. Next parts of folk costume are white stocking, sporran and white shirt. Scottish often play on bagpipes. Japanese people wear kimonos for special occasions. Kimonos are usually made of silk.


Special occasion

Now I would like to talk about some special occasion. Each of us has to know what to wear on different occasion.
If we go to a concert or to the theatre we need some elegant clothes. Man should wear dark socks, trousers, boots, white shirt with tie or bow tie and suit. Women wear some evening dress with pumps.


For sport we usually need some trainers, a T-shirts and leggings. If we go swimming we have to wear swimsuit.
At home we like to feel comfortable, and so we prefer leisure wear – slacks, tracksuit and T-shirts and on our feet slippers or mules.
To school we wear something practical and plain. The most favourite wear of teenagers include jeans or trousers, shirts and T-shirts of different colors, sweatshirts or pullovers and trainers. It is still a tradition in some schools in Britain (mostly private ones) to wear a school uniform. It usually consists of a white shirt and grey or dark trousers and a dark sweater or blazer with a school badge on the breast pocket and perhaps a cap. A girl’s uniform looks quite different from an ordinary girl’s dress since it consists of a plain coat, a blouse and a skirt in some dark colour, such as grey, navy blue or brown.


Seasonal clothes

What we are wearing also depends on the season of year.
In the summer we normally wear some shorts, T-shirts, Tops without sleeves, sandal or slippers. Ladies often wear dresses or skirt too. And the most important piece of summer clothes is swimming suit of course.
In the winter we were some warm clothes such as jumper, polo neck, coats, fur coats. If we don’t want to be ill we should wear scarf, some gloves or mittens and caps. For rainy weather we need umbrella or raincoat.



Now I would like to speak about accessories because they are important in the fashion, specially for women in my opinion. A lot of people buy some jewellery. Women often buy some rings, necklaces or bracelets. I think that the right piece of jewelry can revive your outfit perfectly. Women really love handbags. They have a lot of them. Men like more expensive watches and belt. If we want to different we can have some tattoo or piercing. When is sunny outside a lot of people wear sunglasses. Accessories should match.



Now I will talk about history. In the Stone Age most clothing was made of leather, fur or grass. In ancient and medieval times it was very hard to make clothes. Many people have only the clothes they were wearing. At 60ies there was style called hippies. They were mini skirts, baggy clothes with flowery pattern. Clothes in this time had a lot of colors.

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