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Otázka: Diseases

Jazyk: Angličtina

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Health is the most valuable thing in the world.We must take care our health.We can devide diseases 2 groups. they are common and serious.


Common diseases are:

  • flu,running nose,headache, teethache, tonsilithis, cold, caugh (kašel, sorethorat, bronchitis, pneumonia, backache, rabies (vzteklina), concussion (otřes mozku), rubella (zarděnky) these diseases are very common and almost everybody has these diseases at least once a live.


Serious diseases are:

  • cancer,cholera,leukemia,hiv,constipation,appenditis, heard atteck. some of them are: infection – virus diseases,heard diseases,high blood presture.nervus diseases-stress, depresion,insomnia(nespavost), nervus break down. Inflammation – to bones, to teeth,appenditis. For every type of these diseases there are special methos of curing. Unfortunately there are a lot of diseases that can´t be cured. For example: hiv,crone deseases, diabettes,alergy,alizhimer and some other rare deseases. scientis try to find medicine for these deseases but unfortunately they haven´t been lucky.


Children´s deseases

  • children often suffer from : chicken pox,mumps,measles,scarlet fever. Children are often vacinated against a lot of deseases.


The most common deseases is flu.

  • flu symptoms are: running nose, high tempurate,caugh, sore throrat,head ache,weakness. When we have flu and we want to cure it we drink to tea with lemond or honey,we stay in bed, sleep a lot, gargle and relax.


More serious deseas is cancer

  • cancer can attack diffrens part of body. Its symptoms are: pain,weakness, lock of appetite,wamating,nauzea, stress. Cancer can be cure by chemotherapi, medicine,radiotherapi and operating.


Deprese is mental deseases which can be very serious

  • its sympthoms are: headache,insomina, lack of appetite,agresivity,tendence for suicide, people who have deprese can be cire by : medicine,attanding psychiatrist,attanding warious types of therapy.


Next i would like to speak about alergy

  • alergy because of bad enviroment alergy is very common deseases. its symptoms are: running nose, red eyes,problems with breathing, rash, people who have alergy take a medicine and they try to avoid thinks that couse problems to them.


What diseases do you remember having ?

  • my last diseases was a flu.


What is your worst memory of being?

  • my worst memory is in the hospital when i had appenditis it was terrible


How do you feel when you are sick and have to stay in bed?

  • its a difficult to say.. always is diffrent. but when i sick and its no big sick a feel good besause i wathing tv and a listen to the music.
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