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Otázka: Environmental issues

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Human activity:

The world population is growing:

  • we build more houses and factories
  • we fertilizers to plant more crops
  • we use more vehicles to transport goods

Problems: smoke from factories, car exhaust fumes, throwing away waste in seas and rivers, cutting down rain forests, using chemicals à it causes water, air and soil pollution


Global warming:

This is the increase in temperature around the world. It caused by the increase in carbon dioxide from cars and factories.


Natural catastrophes:

flood, tornado/hurricane/gale-force wind, tsunami, earthquake, drought


Greenhouse effect:

That is when the air or atmosphere gets too hot. it is caused by too much carbon dioxide in the air from factories, electricity plants and cars


Hole in ozone layers:

The ozone layers protects us from the rays of the sun. There is now a hole in parts of it. Probably caused by too much carbon dioxide.


Acid rain:

It is rain that contains dangerous chemicals. This is caused by smoke from factories


Cutting the rainforests:

This is dangerous for many reasons:

  • we need to oxygen that comes from rainforests
  • rainforest are homes of many animals and plants



  1. What is the environment ?
  2. Do people have a bug influence on it ?
  3. How do they damage it ?
  4. What kinds of problems connected with environment can you describe ?
  5. Are you into ecology ?
  6. What can we do to be environmentally friendly ?
  7. Do you know any ecological organization or movement?
  8. What do they do ?


The importance of recycling :

It means not throwing something into the rubbish, but putting it into a special bin and it will be used again. All the rubbish should be sorbet out:

  • glass ( green and white bin)
  • plastic (yellow bin)
  • paper (blue bin)
  • cans
  • garden waste of organic origin
  • textile
  • battery


We do it, because this materials can be used again so it is good for environment and it is ecological. We can find garbage containers almost everywhere in this time, because recycling becomes more and more popular, because people realize, that our planet is important for us and we should be nice to it. I thing that recycling has just advantages, because it costs us nothing and it is good for some industries and for us too.

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