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Otázka: Mass Media (medium)

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Přidal(a): Terka



MASS MEDIA (medium)

That´s a mean of communication and informing people about important things happening inthe world.

Through massmedia we can discover or learnt new information


TV (the el. system and bussiness of sending out programm, so people can watch them on their TV sets)

+we can see pictures, learn new information, record films

+switch if off everytime

+improves mood

+interesting news, lots of programmes and channels

+when we are bored it can kill our time

+everybody has it at home


-takes energy, it isn´t free


-we can´t do something ´cause we must concentrate on it

-problems with another family members

-we can´t get a lot of information immediately

-a lot of adverts

-not good for small children(violence)

-our eyes can get sore, fatter, addicted


AmE: CNN,FOX, CBS, MTV, Cinemax, the CW, Animal planet

Br: BBC world, Sky movie, CBB, Channel 4, ITV, Eurosport


RADIO (the activity of sending out programmes for people to listen to)


+switch off everytime

+quite cheap

+improves our fantasy

+we can do somethingwhen we are listening it

+lots of kinds of music


-we need to have signal


– time-killer

-we can´t see pictures, just listen to


AmE: CNN,CW,CBS, union radio

Br: BBC, NME, Bio


THE PRESS (the oldest kind of medium which is pressed on paper)

Tabloid (it is kind of press where you can usually find much gossip about stars, famous people and their privacy)

Broadsheet (it´s mass medium which provides serious information in a printed issue or on the Internet)



  • huge headlines (attention)
  • lies
  • big and colured photos of stars which portraying something scandalous
  • party, drugs, alcohol
  • little text
  • colloquuial language
  • actors, singers, politicians, directors, writers
  • articles, interviews, crosswords, jokes, adverts, horoscop, weather
  • read by ordinary people


AmE: NY Times, People, M, NY Sun

Br: The Sun, Mirror, Daily Mail, The Times, The Gardian



  • long articles with details and lots of information about worls news, economyy, culture, sport
  • headlines and photos are smaller, black
  • mainly old, tradition
  • contain political, industrial, culture news, finance matters, internationla news
  • bigger format
  • negative information
  • formal language, true/real information
  • front page- main news of the day + editorial
  • review, criticism of film


THE INTERNET (global systém of interconned computer networks)

+a lot of information

+contact with people

+improve language skills



-untrue information

-could infect our PC with dangerous virus – cause problems or damages


Problems: violence, racism, famine, poverty, terrorism, bullying, child labour, natural damages, pollution, war, drugs, alcohol, murders, robberies, coruption, blackmailing, kidnaps, bribe, rape, discrimination, sexual harrasement, suicide, hi-jacking, assassination

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