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Otázka: Multiculturalism

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): xaKristyy




–          Multiculturalism appeared in late antique when the immigrants came to the big cities. They solved it with creating several quarters for each group of immigrant and spontaneous creation of easier Greek



–          Word multiculturalism first appeared in Switzerland in 1957 and was used for cultural different nation which is politically uniform (jednotný)

–          Ideology of multiculturalism was formed in Canada in 60s because of unification of English and French speaking population. Canada in 1971 accepted the multicultural ideology which lasts until now.



–          It is  blending of different cultures by migration of population



–          People are usually looking for better jobs à menial jobs X brain drain


UK – has strong economy and has lots of colonies; better social life

50s – 60s -> Caribbean (racism, strong dialect)

60s -> India, Pakistan, Bangladesh (Hindu, Islamic àcab drivers, restaurants)

2000 -> accession countries (language barrier, brain drain, education, skills)

USA – wasn’t damaged by world wars, so it has good economy and environment; better social life


Positives of multiculturalism

–          Fill in workplaces (especially those nobody wants to do; in CZ Vietnamese, Ukraine)

–          Variety of cultures


Negatives of multiculturalism

–          Rising of criminality

–          Overpopulating à GB made a law against immigrants – jut only particular number of immigrant can come to the country

–          Discrimination – race and religion conflict

–          Immigrants often live in a bubble


It is possible to eliminate racism? – Of course it is. But it takes time. And also people are scared and I understand it.

Problems of immigrants? – Living: housing, ghettos, segregation, bullying; religion,
education: language; economy: cheap labor (they do not pay taxes), burden for social services

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