Oliver Twist



Otázka: Oliver Twist

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): terez2242



Author: Charles Dickens

  • He had sad childhood
  • Charles had to make a living himself when he was child
  • His childhood affects his writing
  • He became a successful and English novelist
  • His novels give a picture of contemporary (současné) England



  • Oliver was born in an orphanage (sirotčinec) and his mother died there
  • he lived in an orphanage until 9 years old, and there was nothing good about him
  • he was still hungry and no one liked him
  • one day he went to London and got into a criminal gang
  • Oliver didn’t know that he was doing anything wrong when he robbing rich people – they also robbed the house
  • one day a nice lady found him and took care of him – Mayli
  • whenever he knew someone nice and kind – the robbers always found him and took him with them
  • He found out that he has stepbrother in this gang
  • at the end, Oliver gets in the right hands and he knows his real sister Rosa
  • robbers are punished (potrestáni) at the end
  • this book ends well
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