Prague – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (9)



Otázka: Prague

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Niky



I am going to speak about Prague. Prague is in the centre of Bohemia and it spreads out on both banks on river Vltava. It is the biggest, the oldest and the most important city in our country because Prague is the centre of the financial, business, industrial, education, culture, tourism and all political life (of our republic). It is a seat of the President, Parliament and government. It occupies an area of almost 500 square kilometres and has 1.2 million inhabitants.

Prague was founded in the 6th century by Slavs. This foundation is connected with Princes Libuše. In the 10th century Vyšehrad castle was built and it became the residence of Přemyslid dynasty. . In the 14th century Prague became the imperial residence of Charles IV. He founded the New Town and Charles University, which is the oldest university in the middle Europe and built the Charles Bridge. It is the second oldest bridge in our country. In the 15th century Prague was the centre of the Hussite movement. In the16th century was Prague the seat of Rudolph II, who invited artists and scientists there.

In my opinion it is enough about history of Prague. Now Prague is the capital of a democratic state, consists of Bohemia, Moravia and Slesia.

Thousands of tourists visit Prague every year. They are eager to see Famous Prague’s sights such as churches, cathedral, galleries and museums.

Prague castle is the dominant of the city and the seat of the President. The most famous are the gothic Vladislav Hall, the Spanish Hall and the Rudolf Gallery.

The natural centre of Prague is Wenceslas Square, it is the heart of New Town and it is my favourite place in Prague. It is 750m long and lined with banks, department stores, boutiques, shops, hotels, restaurants and cafés. At the top of the square there is a bronze statue of St. Wenceslas made by J. V. Myslbek. You can find there National Museum.

The most interesting for tourist is Old Town Hall with astronomical clock, made by Mr. Hanuš. Each hour you can hear the bell and see the procession of twelve Apostles and a skeleton.

The best known synagogue is New Old Synagogue. You can go down to Vltava river and you can see there The National Theatre build in 1868 by public. When you go along the river, you came to Charles Bridge. This bridge is decorated with 30 statues in Baroque style made by Jan Brokof and Matyáš Brown.

Many well-known personalities lived or spent some time in Prague – Mozart, Beethoven, Descartes, Paganini, Kafka and others.

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