Shopping – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (6)



Otázka: Shopping

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): pavlinas



Shopping is an activity that is important for our lives. Most people have to spend part of their day doing shopping for food or other essential items. We have many different types of shops. We can go to a big department store, a mall, a smaller local shops, or an outdoor market.


Different kinds of shops

At a bakery we can buy bread, rolls, cookies and cakes.
At butcher’s we can buy meat and sausages.
At a clothing store we can buy clothes for men, women, or children.
At an electronics store we can buy TV sets and other electrical appliances.
At florists we can buy flowers and plants.
At a garden shop we can buy grass seed, fertilizers, and garden supplies.
At a greengrocer we can buy vegetables and fruits.
At a hardware store we can buy tools, nails, and other building supplies.
At a shoe store we can buy shoes and shoe polish.
At a sweets shop we can buy cakes, candies, and ice cream.
At a toy store we can buy dolls, games, balls and other toys.


Small shops vs. Big department stores

Very favourite are supermarkets. At a supermarket we can buy everything from food: meat, cheese, eggs, milk, butter, bread, sugar, flour, tea, coffee, fruits, vegetables, something from chemist and sometimes clothes.
The most favourite is a department store. It has different sections where we can buy various goods – clothes for women, men and children, shoes, electronics, books, furniture, perfume, cosmetics and of course food.

Most women go shopping every day to local markets because they are near their homes, but there is smaller choice than in supermarket and food is expensive.
Families do a larger shopping in a department store once a week. It’s like a trip.



Pros: There is a wide choice of goods, cheaper prices and we can buy everything what we need on one place. It’s good for bigger shopping. Often there are some sales.


Reasons for shopping

It seems to me that shopping is for many people passion.

Some people shopping because they are bored.

We need to eat. This is the reason why we must go to the supermarket.

Shopping is work for some people for example mystery shopping.


Shopping in my town

There are o lots of shops in our town. We have a lot of shopping possibilities. We have supermarkets, such as Hypernova, Penny, Kaufland. We can buy all goods in Brno. We can buy eat, flowers, toys, clothes, shoes, presents etc. There are lots of blocks of flats and there are some small shops too.

Czech like buying cheap and goods thinks. Goods is to cheap, Czechs don’t believe it.


My shopping

I like shopping in big shopping malls. There is all what i want. I prefer buying clothes.


On-line shopping

We can buy on the internet. The most famous shopping sites worldwide are ebay and aliexpress.

We have to pay by credit card.



I can pay by cash or credit card at cashier. In other countries people pay by cheque.

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