Advantages and disadvantages of living with parents?



   Otázka: Advantages and disadvantages of living at home with parents?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of living at home with your parents?

I´d like to begin by saying, that I’m glad, that i can live with my parents and that they provide me safe living. Although i have part time jobs and i earn some money, it´s not enough to could live alone.


So in my opinion the main advantages of living with your parents is that you don´t have to pay anything for it (mostly) and if you do (for example when you have some job and you´re able to pay),it´s mostly still cheaper, than if you live alone. Another advantage is, that your mum is cooking for you, cleaning up, doing the washing and so on.. of course, that if you´re a girl, you´re expected to help with household chores, but again it’s not as often as when you were living alone. Next advantage is, that you´re not alone. When you´re ill or depressed, they take care of you or they could help you and give you some advice.


However this could be also big disadvantage. When you want to be alone, you´re not. If you don´t get on well with your parents, they annoy you and probably you argue very often. You don´t have as much privacy, you can´t invite whoever you want, but mainly you must do what they say doesn´t matter if you agree with it.


Well, to sum up, both have some advantages, but I think, that until I don´t have stable job and fixed salary, it´s better to live with my parents.

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