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Otázka: American Cities

Jazyk: Angličtina

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  • In state of Illinois
  • On lake Michigan
  • ,,Windy city“
  • Third biggest American city
  • Millennium Park with a sculpture known as ,,The Bean“
  • Čermák used to be a major of the Chicago during Al Capone time in 1930‘
  • The busiest airport O’Hare
  • Black sears – the biggest building in the world for many years, now only in America


New Orleans

  • In state of Louisiana
  • On river Mississippi
  • ,,The Big Easy‘‘ (easy going lifestyle)
  • A cradle of jazz
  • French Quater
  • Bourbon street – legally alcohol drink in public
  • Voodoo – cemeteries (black magic), grave of voodoo queen, graves are above the ground (bad smell)
  • MardiGrass – festival, carnival
  • Hurricane Katrina (2005) – NO was under the water, many people died, long recovery


San Francisco

  • In state of California
  • ,,Frisco“
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Alcatraz – prison on the island, Al Capone was thereà only three people escaped – Frank Morris and brethren Anglins
  • Very hilly – thousand hills
  • Lombard street – crookedest streets
  • Painted ladies – beautiful houses
  • Chinatown – the biggest Chinatown in the world
  • Capital city of homosexuals
  • Flower children – hippie movement started in SF
  • Earthquakes
  • Famous cable cars – in the past it never stopped
  • Lot of fog (foggy city)


Los Angeles

  • In state of California
  • Second biggest city
  • ,,Lala land“
  • Hollywood – film industry
  • Walk of fame
  • Chinese theatre – open air
  • Hand prints of famous actress
  • Forest fires around LA
  • Earthquakes
  • Venice beach – famous skate park
  • Downtown, Hollywood and Beverly Hills


Las Vegas

  • In state of Nevada
  • Centre of gambling
  • Little Paris, Venice, Excalibur
  • Cheap accommodation



  • In state of Washington
  • ,,The Emerald City” (smaragdové) – for its evergreen trees
  • Lots of rain
  • Love of coffee (Starbucks started here)
  • Big technology companies like Amazon and Microsoft
  • Lakes, mountains, forests, rivers, islands and beaches



  • In state of Texas
  • ,,The Live Music Capital of the World‘‘
  • No professional sports team
  • SXSV (south by southwest) – for music, film and technology
  • Watching bats fly out from a bridge -> visitors



  • In state of Oregon
  • ,,PDX“
  • The biggest number of microbreweries (pivovary) in the world



  • In state of Colorado
  • ,,The Mile High City (1 mile above sea level)
  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre – open air
  • Eco friendly city – no Olympic games in 1976, because of the environment



  • In state of Michigan
  • ,,Motor town“ (auto industry)
  • The Motown Museum
  • R&B music (rhythm and blues)


Saint Louis

  • In state of Missouri
  • ,,The gateway to the West“
  • Grate baseball team – St. Louis Cardinals
  • The gateway arch symbolize where US settlers headed west into uncolonized areas in the 1800s



  • In state of Massachusetts
  • Boston Common – first public park in the USA
  • Boston tea party – residents threw tea into the harbour -> protest against the British government
  • Sports Teams (Red Sox – baseball…)



  • In state of Georgia
  • The home of Coca-Cola
  • Hip hop
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