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Otázka: At the restaurant

Jazyk: Angličtina pro hotelové školy

Přidal(a): Kristýna Koutníková



Describe a restaurant

Types of restaurants

The restaurants differ in size, type of guests (clientele), type of food and food service, and location. They can be formal or family style or fast foods. There are restaurants situated in the city centre, in the country side, in the mountains…


Equipment of a restaurant

In a restaurant the back of the house is comprised of the kitchen, storage, and office areas, which only the staff see. In the front of the house are the dining room, waiting areas and the lounges.

We enter the restaurant through the main entrance. There may be a cloakroom behind the entrance and the toilets (ladies and gents). Then there is a dining room and there may also be a bar and a private dining room.

The restaurant is furnished with tables (square, rectangular or round), and chairs, linen (tablecloths, slipcloth, serviettes), tableware and glassware.

Typical tableware are: china – plate, soup plate/ bowl , dinner plate, dessert plate, side plate, cup, saucer, egg cup, cutlery (fork, knife, spoon), salt cellar, pepper shaker/ pepper pot, sugar bowl, butter dish, ashtray, candle stick, glasses – wine glasses, tumbler, tea pot, milk jug, tray……


Equipment of the kitchen

The kitchen is divided into various sections: the meat section, the fish section, the vegetable section, the cold meat and salad section, the sauce section, the pastry section. There is the dishwashing section, the fridges, freezers/ walk-in freezers, ranges/ stoves and ovens. The food is stored in the storeroom. There are offices for the chef and other staff.

A modern kitchen is air conditioned, there are many different machines for slicing, peeling, grinding, shaping as well as ranges and ovens for baking, grilling, frying and broiling.


Jobs at the restaurant

The management of the restaurant includes the manager or owner, the cashier, the accountant and a purchasing agent. Large restaurants also employ secretarial workers and     the sales manager who handles advertising.

The food and beverage manager is responsible for both the restaurant and the kitchen.

Employees of the restaurant are the bar manager and the bartenders in the restaurant bar, the waiters, waitresses, wine waiter and the headwaiter in the dining room.

The head chef and the assistant chef are responsible for the kitchen. In more elaborate restaurants there may be a sauce chef, a vegetable chef, a dessert chef and a baker. Bellow the chefs are specialised cooks such as the salad chef, pastry cook, meat cook. The prep person prepares the food before it is cooked. The kitchen helpers/ commis help the cooks. The dishwashers operate the dishwashing machines, wash the dishes and the pots in the sinks. At the end of the shift, they scrub the floor and clean everything. The cleaning personnel keep the workplace clean. If it is a school restaurant the apprentices work there too. They are trained by an experienced chef. Larger restaurants will also employ a storekeeper and a butcher. Some restaurants have their own dietician.


Restaurant specialties

Some restaurants specialize in vegetarian food, some cook Indian, Mexican or Chinese food. There are restaurants with typical Czech cuisine, brew pubs with their own beer. Some restaurants offer special diets or fast food.

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