Božena Němcová – The Grandmother



  Otázka: Božena Němcová –  The Grandmother

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Danuška…



Božena Němcová was born in 1820 in Vienna and she died in 1862 in Prague. She is one of the most important writers in the Czech republic. Her real name was Barbora Panklová. She had four childrens. Her husbund’s was Josef Němec. Her most famoust book is The Grantmother, she wrote it in 1855. She wrote it, when her son Hynek died. The book was translated to 21 languages.


– The Grandmother is a novell.


– Grantmother name was Magdaléna Novotná. Grantmother was very old women, but her age isn’t evident. She had three childrens: Tereza, Johanka and Kašpar. She come to Staré Bělidlo to her daugt Tereza and Teraza’s husbund Jan. teraza had four children: Barunka, Jan, Vilém and Adélka. Children very nice, talkative and smiling and they loved their grantmum. Barunka was the oldest of them, she was very clever and very curious. Babička’s favourite grandchildren was Barunka.


– Grantmother had white hair, she wore a red headscarf, long green skirt and white shirt. She has a lot of pocket in her dress. In pocket there are present for children. For example sweets. She was very wrinkles. She had small hands and she was short- Her eyes were blue. She was very nice, kind and generous women. Everybody liked her stories of her life. She helped everyone with everything. She was very hardworking women and everybody loved her. She loved animals. She has two dogs: Sultán and Tyrl. She had a chest with her treasurea from life.


– Her only negative feature was, that she didn’t want to learn any new things from modern world and that she hated German. She was education.

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