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 Otázka: Czech education

 Jazyk: Angličtina

 Přidal(a): Barbora Smolková




Czech education (popis v angličtině)

In our Czech Republic schooling is compulsory from the age of six, but before we go to school, we attend a kindergarten. In the kindergarten we learn to bind boots, draw, play with others and be able to respect others.

When we are six years old, we start going to elementary school. In the first class we learn to write, count, read and pay attention. In this period, we usually find out whether we like school or hate it. We start writing tests, most of us hate them, but I think they are very important because they will force us to learn.

A typical school day for most students starts early in the morning, because lessons usually begin around eight o’clock. In the afternoon we usually have a lunch break, then we have a few more classes.  After we arrive home, some of us have hobbies, others relax. Then we have to get ready and learn to the next day.

In Czech as in other countries, education is very important so that we can get a good job, have a lot of money, or just be smart. Unlike other countries in Czech, we do not have to wear school uniforms, or we do not go to school with a school bus. Czech education system is good, but very outdated, because since 1918 has not changed.

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