Daily routine – maturitní otázka z angličtiny



Otázka: Daily routine

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Kath



Usually I get up at six-thirdy. It isn’t very early but for me it’s very bad. I go to the bathroom and I bresh my teeth, comb my hair and I use some make-up and other cosmetics. Then I choose clothes. Sometimes I listen some music for a good feelings.I  ask my mum to prepare some snak for me because I always have no time for this. My mornings are always very  full of stress because I forgot very things for school or something and I’m very chaotic.  My father usually takes us (me and my brother) to school because main and brother’s school is on his way to his office.


After the school I go at lunch with my classmates.  Then I go to the city centre, to the cinema or to the restaurant. When I have some money I go to shopping because I really love to buy new clothes. Sometimes I go to the exhibiton. When is my mum busy, she asks me about take care about my younger brother. I pick up him from school or take him to his training of Aikido or playing akordeon.


A get home and I turn on the computer. I check some new information from world, i check facebook and some my favourite blogs. Then I watch to some movie or I study, but I often forget to do some thing for school.  In the evening I’m always very tired so I go to bed early, at about  ten.

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