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Otázka: Edgar Allan Poe – Black Cat

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Martina



Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Poe is celebrated as the father of the detective story and as major horror write and poet. His life was for him the main inspiration, because he had realy horrible, tragic and dramatic life.
He was born in Boston and he loost his parents at the age of 3. He was publishing poems and short stories and soon he became an editor in New York.
Poe was one of the first professional american writes. The main enemy for him was an alcohol.
He married his 13-years old cousin, who became his inspiration.
After her death Poe became a hard alcoholic.
Poeś horrors stories contain supernatural elements and the line between the reality and fantasy is very thin.
2 of his the most famous poems ate The Black Cat and The Raven.


The black cat

It is a short horror story about the unnamed man and his cat. When he was younh man he loved animals. His family owned parrots, gold fish, dos and cat. He fed the animals himself and played with them. He married when he was young and his wife loved their animals as well.
They have a black cat which name is Pluto. Only he fives to cat food and it follows him everywhere. They are the best friend. But then he changes him. He begins drinking and becomes selfish. He was angry about the unimportant thinks and begins use a bad language. Even he hits his wife sometimes.
One night Pluto didn’t follow him, so it wasn’t please to him and therefore he catchs the cat and cut out one eye to poor animal. He has to do it – some evil says to him – do it !and he can´t stop him.
Than he hung up the cat by his neck from the tree until it is death. One night the man and his wife heart mňauing and they find out that their house is in a fire. At the morning they find out  a white shadow at the wall of burned house, which looks like a cat.
One evening when he is coming at home he notices a black cat looks like a Pluto, but with the white spot. The cat wants food and the man is angry  so he wants kill the cat by axe, and by the accident  he kills his wife. He walls her in the seller. The police investigates her missing, but the don’t fin any evidences in the all house. When they are leaving the seller, suddenly the hear a mňauing behind the fresh wall. They find the killed man and the man is accused of killing his wife.

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