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  • Compulsory education
  • Levels (pre-primary, primary…)
  • Entrance examination
  • School-leaving examinations
  • Types of school
  • Universities



1) Public schools

2) Private schools – you have to pay there tuition (= školné)


Pre-primary education = kids go to nursery schools or kindergarden

– they start go there at the age of 3, and they finish last year at nursery school is compulsory=> (the final year is free of charge)

At age of 6 they start their compulsory education

It’s from 6 to 15


1) ELEMENTARY (BASIC) SCHOOL – it has comprehensive structure

1st stage – form 6 to 11

2nd stage – from 11 to 15

– elementary school provides general education


At the age of 11 it is possible to study at multi-level (year) grammar school

  • – you have to pass entrance examinations
  • – enrolment (=zápis) is set by local authorities
  • Scholl year starts on the 1st September and end’d on the 31st August
  • Lesson lasts for 45 minutes
  • 5 days at school from week
  • Number of pupils is between 17 – 30
  • Co-educational (stejný věk a pohlaví dětí) school, pupils of the same age in one class
  • In small towns – pupils of mixed age in one class


Our education is based on Framework educational programme for basic education

… for secondary education

= rámcový vzdělávací program



a) secondary education is completed with maturita examination

  • age: 15 – 19


b) with apprenticeship certificate (= výuční list)

  • Age: 15 – 18


Admission criteria – set by local authorities

Final examination = school-leaving examination = maturita examination

– it’s necessary to enter


Higher level of education

4 subjects – two are set by state (Czech language, then you can choose from Maths or foreign language) and two subjects of your own choice

– Examinations are both oral an written



Admission criteria – maturita exam, rest is set by school (universities) or entrance examination (scio)



– it’s part of tertiary education

Upper secondary education, the graduate is called Dis. (specialist with a diploma)

At university you can study…

3- year course – Bachelor (Bc.)

After two more years you are awarded degree (Mgr.)

Two more years – doctor (Ph. D.)


You can name universities in Czech Republic (Pce)

Types of secondary schools



Home schooling is possible according to law. (in CR it isn’t as common)

We can select between public or private schools.

The education is overseen by Department for Education and local authorities.

Cheating is rare!!


Scholl year has got 3 terms:

  • Autumn (September – Christmas)
  • Spring (January to Easter)
  • Summer (Easter – July)



From the age of 3 up to the age of 5, children in the United Kingdom have optional pre-school state-funded education. The state provides this type of education through playgroups, nurseries and different community centres



Primary education in the United Kingdom is compulsory for children from the age of 5. They attend primary school, sometimes called elementary school which are state-funded and without any pay tuition fees.



Students in the United Kingdom usually start secondary school at the age of 11. There are many types of secondary (high) schools including comprehensive schools and grammar schools, which are free of charge. The independents schools in secondary education are called ‚public schools‘ – they are chargé.



At the age of 16, a student may choose between continuing education or leaving school. This age is commonly called the „school leaving age“. Advocates of paid higher education argue that there are too many university students at this time and that the studies are quite easy for them. They suggest to charge for higher education at public schools to reduce the number of university students and make it more prestigious and selective, as it is for example in the United Kingdom. In higher education, there were many cases of fraudulent master degrees. Most scandals about corruption and quick master studies were connected with the University of West Bohemia and its Faculty of Law. Between the age of 16 and 18, there is a short period called the Sixth Form during which students in the UK specialise in 3 to 5 subjects. Students finish this period by passing A levels (or GCE Advanced Level), a form of secondary school leaving examination, similar to our maturita exam.



Students in the United Kingdom have many universities to choose from. Studies are partially financed by the state, but studies still cost thousands of pounds per year.


The University of Cambridge

…is 4th oldest existing university in the world and one of the most prestigious universities in England with almost 20 000 students

The University of Oxford

is the 2nd oldest existing university in Europe and has many famous graduates including the current British Prime Minister David Cameron, Stephen Hawking and Hugh Grant.)))


Redbrick universities – Birmingham

  • považováno za podřadné university (dnes UŽ NE)
  • stavěny z červených cihel


Open universities – distance learning programme

Bachelor degree

Master degree

Doctorate degree


Undergraduate – students at university before they get a degree

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