Electronic devices in 21st Century


Téma: Electronic devices in 21st Century

Jazyk: Angličtina – Opinion essay

Přidal(a): Filjan



I think that most of the teenagers can’t imagine life without electronic devices. I grew up without a mobile phone and I’m happy about that.

Nowadays, the kids would say: „It must have been so hard to grow up without phones“.

In my opinion, 21st century electronic devices are really important for connection with other people and for communication. But I think we should limit the time on smartphones or computers. I need to confess that I can’t imagine to be without my smartphone too. I’m using my mobile phone every day, about 2 hours.

Electronic devices have for sure some advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are quick connection, you can take pictures or you can make a facetime with your friends or with family. You can use a plenty of applications, from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, calendar or some games. Disadvantages are for example blue light from electronic devices, or spoiled eyes. At worst you can get addicted.

I think we need to spend more time without electronic devices and go outside for a walk or do some sport-jogging, football or basketball. I think that everything is better than still being on a mobile phone.

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