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Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway belongs to lost generation . It is a group of writers who were born about 1900.They experienced  The I. World war and they wrote about feelings of soldiers after comeback from war.


Principle of iceberg
The writer writes about the things which he perfectly knows and he gives only basic informations. It is up to a reader how he imagine  places, heroes.. Hemingway uses only short sentences based on nouns and verbs without many adverbs and adjectives not to influence reader.



He was born in 1898 and he died in 1961. He was born to surgeon and teacher. His father was a hunter, fish hunter. Mother wanted a baby girl. Ernest wore pink color. He had to sing. He accompanied his father to Indian reservates, Michigan lake. Indians called him for give a birth and wounds. When he studied he took up box. He became journalist in school magazine when the first war started. He wanted to join to war. He was not recruited because of bad eyesight. He left for Italy as a volunteer and he became an ambulance driver. His sanits was bombed and exploded. He was seriosly wounded in bow legs. He had 200 shrapnel in his legs. He was treated by the nurse who is called Agnes von Kurovsky. They falledin love and his romance  and experience was the based of novel


„ A Farewell to Arms“ .
The main hero is Frederik Henry. His lady is Catherine Berkley.  Everything which happened to Hemingway, happened to Frederik. They decided to escape to Switzerland to only one neutral country and they wanted set up the family. When they reached Switzerland, Catherien was pregnant and she gave a birth to baby but giving the birth she died and Frederic stayed with a newborn baby.

From Italy Hemingway went to France he met there Gertruda Stein. She was an american writer and literature critic and she supported  new writers sometimes financelly and of course she gave them advices what to write and what  style to use. She welcomed expatriates and Hemingway made friends with cubbist painter, Braque. She was a benefactor of art and she was the person who named those writers lost generation. They wrote about  disillusion of war. Main heroes are immigrates or expart who faced impacts of both wars. They lost loves, family..

In Paris wrote a new novel which is called „Fiesta“ , orthe Sun also Rises.
He set into Paris and into Spain. Main characters are Brett and Jake Barnes. Jak eis journalist and he is a victim of the I. Wolrd war.  He was seriosly wounded into genitals and now he is sexually impotent. He loved still Brett. She loves sex. She lives day by day. Sex and alcohol. She has not better visions of future. They left for Spain Bullfights. Thay made friends with Pedro Romero, matador. And he is the only positive person. He wants to be best. He falls in love with Brett. After one week spent together Brett leaves him knowing if she stayed  with him she would broke him down.

When he visited Spain during the Spanish civil war where Spanish natron fought against general Franco a fascist. Hemingway as a journalist flow to Madrid, he sent a newspaper articles and reports to american a canadian news. He devoted event.


„For Whom the Bell Tolls“.
The main hero is partisan Robert Jordan. Rober joined partisans in the mountains.  Robert had to blow up a bridge over which fascist transported weapons. He succeted but he succeeded but he was shot but not to death and he had to save rest of partisans. He sents to the mountain and he stays  sitting under the tree and waiting for enemies.


The end of his life spent of Cuba island with his fourth wife. He wrote there „The Old Man and the Sea“ . He was awarded Pulitzer prize in 1953. In 1954 he was giving Nobel prize in literature. He was totally depleted mentally as well as physically. He was almost blind, disabled. He had hepatitis, diabetes etc. He decited to commend a suicide  and he shot himself with shotgun.


The Old man and the Sea
The story is set in Cuba. Heroes are old  fisherman Santiago and small boy Manolin. He is his apprentice. Everyday boy gives to old man cup of coffee, food and newspaper. He is a fan of baseball. Santiago live salone, he has a lot of friends. His friends are fisj, things which needs: boat, oars; sun, moon, stars, wind, albatros(where to catch) , sea -> It is lover of him. He hugs with him ..
He hates: sharks -> They are cowards, malice, cunning
He talks to fish, birds, mainly to fish which he catch. He explains her why he is going to kill her. He calls her FISH as a friend. When he is eating her he calls her half-fish. Monologs with hands. He was looking on your bleeding’s hands and he persuade them. He doesn’t  believe in God. He prays for a sun. He believe only himself. You are alone for deciding.


The man can be destroyed but not defeated.

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