Foreign language learning in my country – report



Téma: Foreign language learning in my country

Jazyk: Angličtina – report

Přidal(a): Fialová flekaňa




This report aims to comment on foreign language learning in my country, point out how language learning education works, and make recommendations for improvements.


The offer of languages in schools

Every single school in my country offers its students a pack of languages they learn. This pack includes English as the most important one and then second optional European language. However, it is not uncommon the students cannot choose the language they want to learn and they cannot pick more than one language. The hatred of students for some languages is usually accounted for not being able to study what is more appealing to them with the result of not studying it at all. The lessons are typically three times a week, the teacher explains the curriculum and sometimes plays a film to freshen it up.


Additional language learning option

People who miss out on learning foreign languages in school can visit paid additional lessons in language centres which offer an extended range of languages. The teacher there gives them more attention and these classes mostly result in getting a language certificate. Many workers visit language centres due to their work terms.


Recommended changes

I would therefore recommend expanding the pack of languages we learn in schools, allowing the students to choose, and adding more conversation classes to enrich the skills. The base we get was sufficient many years ago, nevertheless, it is not enough nowadays. These suggestions would have the effect of improving student’s relationship with languages, which is the key consequence.

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