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Otázka: Formal + informal letter

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Essay 1

To: Accommodation Officer, Abington court, Oxford.


Dear sir/madam,

I am interested in your offer concerning the double room. Could you, please, give me more information? Where is the flat situated? How the neighbourhood looks like? Are there any cinemas, theatres, or culture centres around? How far is the flat from the city centre? And how far is it from the Oxford university? Next I would like to ask you about the transport to the city centre from the flat. Is there a bus stop or a metro station nearby? And what about shopping centres? Are there any? Can you, please, tell me something about the furnishings of the flat? Is there a bath, or a shower? Are there any bookcases and wardrobes? And what about the kitchen? Is there a microwave oven, electrical oven, and a cooker?

Can we meet tomorrow at 5 PM, so that I can have a look at it?


Thank you,

Best Regards,



Essay 2

Hello Peter,

I am writing this letter to you from my studies in Edinburgh. I live here with a nice Scottish family named Mc Phersons. Mr. Mc Pherson is tall and a bit overweight. He has a beard and kind eyes. He is very warm-hearted and he knows a lot of jokes. Now I would like to tell you a few words about Mrs. Pherson. She is small and skinny. She is a very good cook. Mr. and Mrs. Pherson have two children. The girl – her name is Anna Marie – is 5 years old and she is so cute. I like to play games with her. And the boy, named Peter, is a 10-year-old boy and he is interested in robots.

I like my new school. We learn about many interesting things and I think my English is better than before.

Edinburg is a very nice city and I enjoy spending my leisure time in the beautiful park with my new friends.

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