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Global warming – a social problem

Somebody might say that global warming is not exactly a social problem and that it does not have very much in common with conflicts and wars but I must disagree. At first sight it might look like an environmental problem, but it also affects huge masses of people. Because of global warming many animals and plants lose their natural environment, so they have to migrate (or, in worse case, become extinct). That is how the chain reaction starts. People, who have been dependent on hunting or keeping those animals or growing those plants for generations are now in trouble. Many of them cannot read nor write and in their home countries there is often not enough work for so many uneducated people.


So it comes that the people must also move to other, more developed countries. In those countries they become a special group of people, who are willing to do less attractive work for just a bit of money, much less than the original inhabitants. But then there are not enough work offers for them. They start to hate the immigrants because they have ‘stolen’ their work. Or sometimes it is just because these minorities do not want to lose their national identity and try to keep their traditions and habits in their new home. But they can never do well, if they try to assimilate, many original inhabitants still see the people from somewhere else in them. Those are the beginnings of nationalism, xenophobia, even anti-Semitism and many more –‘isms’.


The other point of view (but it still shows the connection between global warming and conflicts in the world) is the growing lack of raw-materials. Things like oil, wood, even drinking water are soon going to be very valuable goods. If you look at the map of nowadays’ world and search for places where are the important conflicts, you will see that most of these places are also sources of materials that most of us still see as a certain part of our lives. Look around yourself and see what is made of oil. Oil is money and money is power. To make the connection, one of the world’s most conflicted regions is the Persian Gulf which is by coincidence one of the greatest sources of oil in the world. Do we really believe that George Bush sent his army to Iraq just to get rid of Saddam Hussein? Well, of course, he was a dangerous enemy but the more plausible true reason was oil.


And what about the future? Scientists are already (and some of them quite successfully) trying to find a replacement for oil. But they still have not invented any replacement for water. The most pessimistic predictions say that fifty years from now a litre of drinking water will cost as much money as a gallon of oil today.

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