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Otázka: Great pesonality of IT or technical world

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Alexandr



Great personality of IT is for me of course Steve Jobs. His all name is Steven Paul Jobs and he died on 5th october 2011.He was studying university only two years but he didn’t graduate it and attended only lectures which he wanted. Steve Jobs was co-founder of one of the biggest company in the world named Apple. Apple was established in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They were friends from basic school and both of them were interested in computers. The main idea was to produce computers for an ordinary people. Their first product was Apple 1 computer which was built in the garage and it was a great success so they decided to make Apple 2. Apple 2 was their first computer introduced at trade fair. After the success of Apple 2 they started to create Macintosh which is one of the most popular personal computers nowadays.


Steve Jobs was also the owner of Lucasfilm now known as Pixar. He bought it 1986 for 10M dollars.He co-operated with the studio Walt Disney.The first movie was Toy story where Steve Jobs was an executive producer.He was an excelent manager and speaker.


Nowadays there are some products which are popular in the whole world.Like iPod, iPhone,iPad,iMac and Macbook.Before his death his property was valued about 7 billions.


He died of a cancer of his pankreas.The problém started in 2005 when the doctors diagnosed the cancer.Jobs didn’t want a classical treatment and he tried some alternative cure but it didn’t help and he state was worse so finally he excepted medical cure but it was late.He passed away in 2011.


He had wife and four children.


I like this man, because he built up Apple company and their products are very useful and have a great design. I own some of their products and i am very satisfied.

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