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Otázka: Housing

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): honciczech




  • terraced houses: 2 floors, narrow, connected with sidewalls, paved yard
  • semi-detached house: 2 houses connected by the middle wall, garden in the front and in the back, 20th century
  • detached-house: house that stands alone, fasionable, located mainly in suburbs
  • bungalow: one floor, for people who find stairs hard
  • sheltered housing: specially designed blocks or flats with features to help old people (lift and ramps for wheelchairs)
  • high-rise concrete blocks (block of flats)-in 1960’s, unpopular, crime and vandalism, demolished or people moved out
  • cottages: old, small, owned by rich people, low ceiling
  • houses: bricks (not covered in plaster), stone, wood
  • roofs: slate, roofing tiles, thatched roof



  • open plan house: only one large room for all the activities of all family members
  • mobile homes: manufactured houses, doesn’t often move, transported by trucks
  • RV’s: motor vehicles equipped with living space
  • apartment buildings: large building with many other homes, rented
    • condominium: an owned apartment
  • duplex=semi-detached house



  • block of flats
  • detached houses: located in suburbs


Parts of the house

  • house: basement, cellar, attic, study, doorbell, chimney,
  • dinning room: armchair, sofa, rug, carpet, curtain
  • kitchen: oven, blender, broom, worktop, corkscrew, napkin
  • bathroom: bidet, washbasin, towel, comb, razor, shaving foam
  • bedroom: wardrobe, mattress, duvet, blanket, pillow


Defects and problems

  • foundation, electrical defects, roof, heating, improper maintenance, structural damage, plumbing problems, mildew


Other expessions

  • penthouse, mortgage, granny flat (BrE), in-law apartment (NamE), tenant, landlord, estate agent, loan, rental house


Have you ever moved to another house?

Which of these types of houses do you prefer?
Which defects and problems did you have with your house?

How did you solve it?

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