Housing – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (2)



Otázka: Housing

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Jitula



I live in small town Šternberk. Šternberk is near city Olomouc. I live in  a family house with my parents and a dog. Our house is in the town center. The house is very old and big. It isn´t any garden but nice balcony with a lot of flowers.


We live in the second floor – there are five rooms, kitchen with living room and bathroom. In the first floor there is shop of my dad with bicycles. I like our house very much. I like the most room because I have got big bed. I miss a garden.


As I said I live in Šternberk in the center. We have got very friendly neighbours. Near the house is a square with a lot of shops. It is close to the castle and church. Near the house is bus stop.



I have got small room with two small windows. I have got view to the square. There is the big bed and it is my favorite place in my room. Opposite the bed there is table and next to it there waredrobes. The room is yellow and orange because those are my favorite colors. On the walls I have got photos with my friends.


In future I would like to live in a small family house with big garden. I would like to live in a village in Valachy, because there is very nice nature and friendly people. In the garden I would like to have a swimming pool, flowers and plant.


I don´t like prefabs. Every people have got your small flat, there is little space and everything is heard. I prefer family house and the silence around the home.

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