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Nowadays abortion is a big topic in our world. People are divided into two groups with different opinions on abortion and it’s triggering a lot of problems. Last year Poland declared a near- total ban on abortion. It already caused the death of a woman, because the doctors didn’t want to help her in a life-threatening situation at the end of her pregnancy. That is why backstreet abortion is getting more and more popular, not only in Poland. Should we ignore all these problems just because of our beliefs?

In the Czech Republic abortion is legal up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, with medical indications up to 24 weeks, in case of grave problems with the fetus, abortion is legal at any time. Abortions are allowed here since 1987 and there are many ways to do it. It is different in the US. Every state here has other laws and rules. Even though the national access status for abortion is legal, there are many states, that are severely restricted. (Attachment 1) For example, Texas has a new 6-week abortion ban (SB8). It means, that Texas health centers are only able to provide abortion services within about 6 weeks of the first day of your last period. It is good to mention, that almost no woman notices she’s pregnant in those 6 weeks.

Because of those abortion bans, unsafe abortions/ backstreet abortions are often performed. They are life-threatening because they’re mostly done at an unhygienic place, by an unqualified person.  About 25 million unsafe abortions occur a year. They are one of the leading causes of death during pregnancy. I know, that even a safe abortion can cause some health issues like perforation of the uterus and infertility but the chances are much lower, than with the backstreet abortion. Those unsafe abortions are a big problem and the government should deal with it, because they’re not pro-life (when someone is against abortion, they call themselves pro-life), if they don’t care about unsafe abortions and the life-threatening situations they cause.

But why are there still people who believe that banning abortion is the right way? Many of those people blame it on their religion. And I respect everyone’s beliefs, but they should not force it on others. If you don’t want an abortion, then that’s ok, but why should u decide for someone else? They say it is murder, even though the fetus can not feel anything for the first trimester. The woman is not supposed to decide what is going to happen with her body, just because “everyone deserves the right to live”, even a fetus. They claim all that is written in the Bible.

But if you are pro-life, shouldn’t you be worried about the hundred-thousands of children struggling in foster care? The kids feel unwanted and mostly don’t have a real family, that would take care of them. There are also many families that can’t afford a baby at the moment and nobody helps them, they are just told to keep the baby. Not to mention all the women, that are not mentally prepared for having a baby. There are also women pregnant because of their rapists, are they supposed to keep that baby as well?

I think pro-lifers just want to control other women’s bodies. They don’t actually care about the life of a fetus. Because if they would, they would try to take care of unwanted babies and older children, they would fight for tightening up the gun law in the US, because of the mass shootings that happen there so often. They would care about the unsafe abortions and the life of all women, that go through those backstreet abortions. I am proud to say, that I am pro-choice. You can be pro-life for yourself, but let others decide, what they want to do with their bodies.

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