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Otázka: Media in the Czech Republic

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Media are a way of communication – sending and receiving information, they are used for sharing news (for informing people), for education and for fun.



  • the first way of communication was obviously speaking
  • later, people found other ways to communicate on longer distance or with more people at a time
  • nowadays, we have four main types of media:
    • newspapers, radio, TV, internet



  • oldest kind of media, nowadays the paper newspapers are a little old-fashioned
  • the main kinds of newspapers are:
    • broad sheets – more serious, detailed, more true facts; e.g. MF DNES, The New York Times
    • tabloits – smaller format, colourful, full of gossips about famous people, e.g. Aha!, Blesk; The Sun
    • special magazines – more expensive, they aren’t published as often as the other types; they serve mostly for specialists or education; e.g. Včelařství, National Geographic, …



  • people use it mostly as a background (when they do something else), quite often while driving a car
  • it stays popular, because you can listen to it 24 hours a day
    • some radios mostly plays music (Evropa 2, Vltava), some focuses more on news or traffic situation (Radiožurnál), and there are also many interviews or even reading of stories



  • almost everybody has TV nowadays
    • people usually watch movies, series or news in the evening on the TV
  • in Czech Republic there are two kinds of TV stations
    • public TV Česká televize and commercial TV’s NOVA and PRIMA
      • both the public and commercial stations have many channels:
      • ČT 2 – for demanding people; concerts, documentaries, education shows
      • ČT 4 – only about sports, matches, interviews with sportsmen,…
      • ČT 24 – news from all around the world
      • Prima COOL, LOVE, KRIMI, MAX, …



  • the most used medium in the world, very global
    • we can communicate with people from all around the globe
  • internet has the power of all the other three media
    • it is used for finding news, education, watching movies, listening to music, …
  • even all the TV stations, newspapers or radios have their own website
  • internet is dangerous, there are many fake news, murderers and tutorials how to kill yourself
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