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Methods schools and universities use to help students find a suitable job

Young people today have far more career opportunities and freedom in their decisions. Even though this is amazing, it can be misleading as well, people often get lost in all the possibilities they have. I am going to sum up some of the advice schools are giving.

Vast majority of Czech schools is providing tests, which are supposed to tell the students what kind of job is ideal for them. Results of this test are based on your abilities in languages, mathematics, memory, knowledge and personality traits. As a matter of fact, I have heard loads of complains about these tests, as the results were really general and not exact at all.

On the other hand, schools are sometimes offering elective subjects, which compared to the regular ones, are focused deeply only on one topic. This approach can be useful, as students get rid of subjects, in which they do not see any purpose and concentrate on knowledge which they might potentially use in the future. These seminars are divided into smaller groups, which makes this method far more effective.

It is often suggested, that we study things we will never use. While I understand this viewpoint, the main purpose of learning in our education system is not the actual knowledge, but critical thinking, which you can use in any situation, you are able to see the world differently if you understand it.

I would therefore argue, that you are definitely not mature enough to choose your career when you are ending grammar or high school, so studying wide range of subjects might be the solution. On the other hand, I find it quite meaningless to study for thirteen years just to learn how to think critically and after that study for another five years to actually get the skills you will use at work.

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