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What are modern technologies for me?

Modern technologies are inventions that make our lives easier. For me it is for example smartphone, dishwasher, and computer and so on. For my grandma it was television, medication and space rockets, but for caveman, it was probably fire or some basic gun. There are also inventions that are dangerous – nuclear bombs and guns.


Technological life

Technological life is everywhere and i think, that no one can say they do not live it. Technologies are among us and everyone uses it every day. Many technologies are commercial and we don’t need them in a fact. For example electric light is for us necessary and it’s hard to live without electricity, but who needs to have an iPhone or computer? Even poor people who don’t have much money use modern technology because it means something different to everyone.



Many years ago care and treatment was really terrible. People tried to treat themselves with herbs. When they had a fracture, they used to tie it with some clothes and support it with some stick. These days the doctors have special tools, special hospitals and operating rooms and they know lots of diseases, so they are prepared for everything. They are using special machines, like X-ray, scan or magnetic resonance.


Now I will tell you something about some inventions and their inventors.

  • I will start with telephone – Telephone is a device invented by Alexander Bell in 1876 it was one of the most important inventions, because it allowed two people to talk to each other even if they were not in the same room.
  • Mobile phone – Mobile phone is much younger and advanced device. We can use it as camera or as MP3 driver. In fact, the number of things we can do with our mobile phone is growing every day.
  • Light Bulb – Light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879. It’s an invention that allows us to work at night. Without the light bulb, we’d be using candles, which are dangerous
  • And I will mention one more thing and it would be Airplane –  Airplane was invented in 1903 by the Wright brothers. Since then, the airplane industry has taken a huge step. The design has changed and airplanes are much safer and effective than before. It was really big change, because people did not have to use only trains or boats to travel.


Future inventions

I think it’s no problem to invent something these days the problem is figuring out what the invention is supposed to do. With technologies that we have, we can make almost anything. There’s only one thing no one can do anything about, and that’s time.


Problem caused by modern technologies

I think that the biggest problem is using social network. Those connect people all over the world but stop the real conversations face to face. Children sit one next to each other, but no one is talking. They are online with their friends. They also share too much personal information on their profiles. Modern technology is also destroying the environment. When a ship crashes, the fuel from it pollutes the water and kills animals, or when things are made, there is almost every time a lot of toxic waste.


My opinion

Because of developing science and technology, the future will be more modern than these days. Maybe someday we will travel only by the fastest vehicles (airplanes or space rocket). I am not sure, how will the world look like, but I think that everything will be very fast and modern.

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