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Otázka: Money matters

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): pajavav



Is money important for you?

I must admit that money is important for me because I believe that if I have money I can buy some kind of freedom – I don’t have to rely on other people so much and also allows me to live more comfortable and in some way easier life.


How do you get money?

As long as I’m a student and I still live with my mother I receive some money from her. In comparison to my friends I thing it’s a very generous amount of money and I get it at the beginning of each month. Even though it would be enough for me to buy anything I want I keep a temporary job. I don’t go to work every day because I would be impossible to cope it with my school and school work. Therefore I go there approximately two days a week after school or sometimes at the weekends. This work isn’t paid very well but this income together with money from my mother allow me to buy things I want but don’t need so necessarily and also to spare some money for times I could need it.


How can people get money?

There exist two main ways of getting money. First one is legal way – people go to work and are paid for their time, abilities and done work. After certain number of years spent at work people retire and get money monthly from the state for the rest of their lives. Also people who are mentally or physically handicapped get money from the state. But not everyone has to work. There is a group of lucky people who for example inherited some money or won it in the lottery.

On the other hand there is an illegal way of getting money. People can steal, blackmail someone or bribe.


Bank account

Ownership of a bank account allows people to pay with virtual money. They no longer have to have cash in their wallets if they have a credit card. Nowadays almost every shop accepts payment by credit card.

Having credit card is not only more comfortable but also safer than carrying cash because once someone steals your card it’s very easy to block it so that they can’t have your money.


How to use cash dispenser?

First of all you have to insert your credit card and then type in your personal ID number. After that the cash dispenser asks you to choose an amount of money you want. Then you decide whether you want a receipt or not. And finally you wait a few seconds while the transaction is being processed.

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