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Otázka: Money

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): lkp



Generous about money

  • gives a value to things
  • earlier people changed things for thing, which they needed more
  • attributes of money
    • they are immortally – money will be here, we won’t
    • they all have same value – 10,- will be always 10,-
    • big value – one paper can have a very big value– 5000,- ;just difference between, what is on it
  • there are two types – cash and money on bank account (= direct debit)
  • inflation is tool, which says a value of money


Earning money

  • job – adults, more educated – more money, our parents
  • summer job/part time job – if I want something, and my allowance is low, many kinds, since 15 years you can have a part time job and since 18 you can work with money (shop assitent)
  • pocket money/allowance – from our parents, we can spend or budget


Importance of money in our lives

  • you need money because nothing is for free
  • to buy thing for our basic needs – food, drinks, even water is not for free
  • when our basic needs are accomplished – we want to have some things, which make us happy – nice clothes, cars, houses,…


Being rich or poor

  • Rich
    • sb can say, that be rich is not necessary, but is better cry in BMW than under the bridge
    • you can buy what you want
    • travel around the world – do what you want
  • Poor
    • sb says, that you don’t need money for life-you have happiness, love, health


Cash or credit card

  • Cash
    • if somebody stoles you wallet, he stoles you just money, which is in wallet and no all money, which you have on your bank account
    • if you want to buy something in a shop, they always will take a money, in some shops the doesn’t accept a credit cards
    • if you have real money in your wallet, you are more careful with money, because it is more painful, when you see your money in hands of shop assistant
  • it is not practical if you have to pay a expensive thing
  • if someone stole your money, they are gone
  • if you are in foreign country, you have to exchange currency
  • Credit card
    • faster, now does exist contactless cards-even faster
    • more comfortable
    • safer, is someone stole you money-you can block your card
    • on your account is bank rate and your money increases
    • you don’t have to exchange currency in foreign country
  • some taxes, that you have credit card


Me and money

  • mostly from my mum and dad – allowance/pocket money
  • my first part time job-in hydraulic firm-stocktaking; than shop assistant in newsagent – last summer
  • I try to save all my money, I think I can budget – I saved for couple years and I bought camera
  • I always got money from my grandmothers for my birthdays


Saving money

  • everyone saves money for different things-camera, car, holidays,…

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