Most (město) – maturitní otázka



Otázka: Most

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Danuška…



– I’m going to speak about the Czech town Most.



  • Most is situated in the North Bohemia and near the German border. Most is fourteen the largest city in the Czech Republic.



  • Most have about 70 thousand inhabitions. People are moving away, because there are no jobs here. There are some minorities. For example Romani, Vietnamese…



  • Most is one of the oldest town in the Czech Republic. Old town was destoyed, because coal mining.



  • We can travel by bus and tram in Most. We can travel from Most to Litvínov, or from Litvínov to Most. Near the town is the railway corridor.


Points of interests

  • Now I’m going to speak about points of interests in Most. For example a castle Hněvín.
  • Hněvín is a castle in the Castle Mountain. The castle is a nice view of the town Most. The Hněvín is an expensive restaurant. Hněvín has a planeterium and a hotel. The bservation tower is a panoramic view, from the Autodrome over the former open-pit mine and the church in the old Most to the current center.
  • Another monument is the church Nanebevzetí Panny Marie. The church was build in the late gothic style. The church was moved in the 70s for to coal mining. And he was moved about 800 meters.
  • Most had three squier, but today has one. The squiers was demolished for coal mining.
  • Most has two theatre:
    • City theatre
    • Theatre Rozmanitostí
  • Most is in the public library. The library has a department for adults, children’s department and music department. The library exhibition hall Gold Three, and a small cinema.
  • The city has six cinemas. The most famous is the Kosmos cinema.
  • Reservoir Benedikt is area for family swimming, beach volejball and ball games. The next to Benedikt there are sports center Tornádo.
  • Next is Aquadrom. There are swimming pools, sauna, solarium, minigolf and playground.
  • The hill Šibenik, which is in the city center, there are routes for skaters.
  • Other places to spend your free time is Matylda, swimming Ressel, or Hipodrom.
  • In Most are commercial centers. For example Central Most, Kahan, Rozkvět and třída Budovatelů.
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