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Otázka: Music and Art

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): tCZ



Music and arts are very old, as old as is mankind

  • For example small flutes from bone have been found.
  • From art there are for example old paintings in caves like Alta Mira and Lascaux or in other places were found small statuettes of people .
  • Today music is very popular and we have got many music styles (genres) which were developing for centuries.
    • 1920s – black singers – New Orleans ->jazz, blues and ragtime
    • 1950s – pop music -> E. Presley (the king of rock ‚n‘ roll)
    • 1960s – Liverpool – Beatles ( the famous band composed by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr)
    • 1969 – famous Woodstock pop festival – hipies (typical for their long hair, peace, flowers, old jeans) Bob Dylan
    • 1970s – Punk music -> special fashion  -> pink hair, shoking people with violence, country and western music became popular again -> Dolly Parton – Back to nature morality
    • 1980s – ABBA, Who, Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones, ….
    • In recent years –
      • Singers: Bon Jovy, Steve Wonder, Elton John,
      • Bands: Queen, U2, S club 7
      • Czech music : Lucie Bílá, Karel Gott, Aneta Langerová, Kabát, Night work, Olympic
      • Music in Prague
        • Prague Spring Festival -> opens on 12 May with My Country by Bedřich Smetana  (commorating his death) and ends 3rd June with From The New World by Antonín Dvořák.
          • Till 2003 ended with Bethoven’s The Ninth (Óda na radost- Ode an die Freude)
          • The main concert halls = Rudolfinum, The Municipal house, the State Opera and The National Theatre
          • famous conductors (jiří bělohlávek, Libor pešek), best orchestras and solist from all over the world participate in.

Prague Autumn Festival

  • getting more and more popular, the best world-famous musicians as in Prague Spring Festival perform there


Prague Proms

  • a quite new summer event (reminds of London Proms = Promenade Concerts in The Royal Albert Hall)
  • Division of music instrumenst:
    • Strings (violin, viola, cello)
    • Percussion (drums, triangle, timpani)
    • Woodwings (flute, clarinet, piccolo)
    • Brass ( trumpet, horn, tuba)
    • Keyboards ( piano, harpsichord, organ)
    • Roll out the Barrels
      • Originally Modřanská polka, but about 47 other names
      • It’s being played and sung with different words in 27 languages
      • It was brought by the spaceshuttle Discovery into the Space in 1995 -> it is the second Czech melody ( first was symphony From the New World by Antonín Dvořák).




Art -> How rich is your cultural life depends on both your interests and hobbies. However the place where you live is very important too, because if you live in a big town, you will have got better choice of cultural facilities than in a small village.


For me, the typical art you can find in art galleries. There are exhibitions of classicial or modern art from all around the world -> for example photographs, paintings, sculptures or book ilustrations.


Next interesting places are museums where people can learn about the history of their region or country or in natural museums they can learn about natural science world around us and about our planet and universe.


In a large town you can usually find one or more theatres.  You can choose the performance according to its director, actors or genre. It can be a drama, a comedy, an opera, a musical or a ballet. It is better to buy a ticket in advance, because the best performances are sold very quickly. Going to the theatre is a social event so it is expected to dress up in the best clothes. People can leave their coats in the cloackroom and an attendant usually showns them their seats. Beetween acts in intermision it is possible to buy refreshment in the theatre bar. When the performance is over the audience applauds and when the people think that the performance was especially brilliant it can be time for standing ovation.


In recent years  cinemas become more and more popular. It is cheaper than theatre and it is more flexible, bacause one film can be projected for example 5 times per day in one hall. Next advantage is that you can eat during the film. It is indispensable for some people. Many cinemas attract visiotors offering the latest film, mainly Hollywood blockbusters.


Architectural styles (Prague)

  • Romanesque style -> rotundas (Říp, basilica St. George at Prague Caste)
  • Gothic -> Karlštejn, Kokořín, St. Vitus in Prague, the Powder tower
  • Renessance –> Belveder (Prague Castle)
  • Baroque -> St. Nicolas church at the Old Town and Lesser Town
  • Classicism -> The Theatre of Estates in Prague
  • Neorenesance -> Rudolfinum, The National Theatre, The National Museum
  • Secession -> Main entrance of Prague’s Central station
  • Cubism ->
  • Libeň’s Castle is in rennaisence, baroque and roccoco style, but originally it was gothic fortress.
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