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Ernest Hemingway

  • was born on 21 July in 1899
  •  American author and journalist
  • won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1953
  • won  the Nobel Prize in literature in 1954
  • became journalist after the school leaving exam
  • during Word War I : he was ambulance driver of Red Cross in Italy, where he was hit 23 bits to his legs so he had to be operated. He spent 6 months in a hospital. He gave silver medal for bravery.
  •  returned to the USA
  • was correspondent in Paris where he met with people around Gertrud Stein -> called member of Losing generation
  • was a corresponednt in Madrid during civil war in Spain
  • lived in Cuba and homestead (usedlost) after World War II
  • his hobbies were hunting and fishing, especially he traveled to Africa that hunting
  • murdered himself on 2 July in 1961


The Farwell to Arms

I read this novel. It is about American solder Frederic Henry , who fought in Italien front during World War I. He met British nurse Catherine Barkley. They became lovers and they experienced many difficult situations because of war. This novel has not got the happy end. There are autobiographical characters for example: Henry is American solider working as a ambulace driver in Italy as Hemingway. Henry is wounded (zraněn) as same way as Hemingway.


The Old Man and the Sea

I red this short novel. Main character is Santiago. He is old Cuban fishman. Although, he has got a lot of experience he did not catch any fish for 84 days. He sailed out  alone, but he sailed out with boy Manoulin. Unfortunatly, Manoulin’s parents had forbidden to sail with the old man. However, Santiago and Manoulin stayed friends and Maoulin visited Santiago everyday. Almost the whole book describes a four-day Santiago’ journey on the sea. He cought a large marlin the first day, but he had been sailing for two days than he hunted marlin. Unfortunately, marlin was eaten by sharks than Santiago sailed back. Again there is autobiographical character: Hemingway cought a large marlin too.


George Bernard Shaw

  • was born in 1856 in Dublin
  • moved to London, when he was 20 years old
  • won The Nobel Prize in literature in 1925
  • died in 1950


I read this famous comedy from G. B. Shaw. It is about professor of phonetics Henry Higgins, who concludes his friend Colonel Pickering bet that he will teach dingy street flower seller Eliza Doolittle pronunciation (výslovnost) noble ladies. Higgins won, because Eliza was perceived (byla chápána) like a lady from high society in a party.

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