Nature in CR and in my city



Otázka: Nature in CR and in my city

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Nature in my city

I live in Dvůr Králové n/L, it is a highland, rolling and hilly area by a river Labe. Coniferous forests are typical for the region. My city is close to Krkonoše Mountains.

Near the house is a field and forest. In the field is grown oil seed rape or corn. Forest is mostly coniferous and there are most spruces and pines or some larches. Near the place where I live is a huge stream Kastbach, Podharťský pond and river Labe. When I go to the walk with my dog, I go to the forest around waterfalls on the stream Kastbach. There are many waterfalls, the largest is 7 meters high. It is called Sedmimetrák.
In my city is also something like meadows, people plant flowers next to the roads and they don’t cut the grass. The meadows are very beautiful.

Nature in mountains – there are mountains, valley, deep forests, virgin forest, streams, peat land, swamp, flowers and bushes (křoví) and trees (pines).


Nature in ČR – Landscape

Landscape in ČR is really varied. Bohemia is surrounded by mountains. Mountains are on the borders. Lowlands are around big rivers – Labe, Morava, Dyje. It is good for agriculture for growing crops. The longest river is Vltava. Vltava spring in Šumava mountains, flows throw Prague, finished in the Mělník and flows to the Labe. Mělník is confluence Labe and Vltava. Labe spring in the Krkonoše mountains and flows to the Germany. Other rivers are Orlice, Dyje, Odra, Otava, Sázava and Úpa. We have a lot of ponds in the Třeboň. The biggest pond is Rožumberk and ponds are created by a people. The biggest lakes is Black lake and Devil Lake and lakes are natural. Also we have so many dams for example Lipno, Orlík and Slapy. They were built to prevent floods, they are water supply (zásobárna vody) and they are water power stations which produce electricity. We have four national parks Krkonoše, Šumava, Podýjí and Czech Switzerland.



Animals living in the wild in the ČR

Mammal – savci                                            Insect – hmyz

fox – liška                                                      ant – mravenec

hare – zajíc                                                    bee – včela

badger – jezevec                                           butterfly – motýl

rat – krysa                                                     fly – moucha

stag – jelen                                                    dragon fly – vážka

wild boar – divočák                                       mosquito – komár

wolf – vlk                                                       ladybird – beruška

squirrel – veverka                                         beetle – brouk

brown bear – medvěd hnědý                        Birds – ptáci

lynx – rys                                                       bat – netopír

deer – vysoká zvěř                                         stork – čáp

hedgehog – ježek                                          owl – sova

mole – krtek                                                  hawk – jestřáb

doe – srna                                                      eagle – orel

falcon – sokol

Reptile            – plazy                                                wood pecker – datel

ant – mravenec                                             pigeon – holub

lizard – ještěrka                                             black bird – kos

frog – žába                                                     sparrow – vrabčák

snake – had                                                   swallows – vlaštovka

spider – pavouk                                             starlings – špaček

Fishes – ryby                                                  cuckoos – kukačka

carp – kapr                                                     swan – labuť

trout – pstruh                                                 raven – havran

pike – štika                                                    crow – vrána

salmon – losos                                               goose – husa

duck – kachna



snowdrop – sněženka                                    violet – fialka

snowflake – bledulka                                     crocus – krokus

tulip – tulipán                                                daisy – sedmikráska

daffodil – narcis                                            dandelion – pampeliška

primrose – petrklíč                                        water lily – leknín

forget-me-nots – poměnka                           marigolds – blatouch

catkins – kočičky                                            rose – růže

come into blossom/bloom – kvést



leafy                                    x                               coniferous

oak –dub                                                        spruce – smrk

beech – buk                                                   pine – borovice

maple – javor                                                fir – jedle

lime – lípa                                                     larch – modřín

willow – vrba

birch – bříza

chestnut – kaštan

poplar – topol

ashes – jasan

aspen – osika

palm, olive tree

apple tree



corn – kukuřice          wheat – pšenice        oats – oves     barley – ječmen         rye – žito

oil seed rape – řepka olejka              hops – chmel              grapes – víno/hrozny

vegetables –   sugar beet – cukrová řepa                            potatoes

beet root – červená řepa                              carrots

cabbage – zelí                                               onion, garlic

field – pole     meadow – louka


Natural disasters

earthquake – the ground shake

drought – a long time without rain

famine – there’s no food and people are dying

flood – much too much water in rivers

hurricane – a very strong wind

tornado – a rotating wind

tsunami – a huge wave caused by a volcanic eruption

avalanche – a mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside

forest fire – large fire in the forest

volcanic eruption – when lava and gas are released from a volcano—sometimes explosively

mudslide – a large amount of mud sliding down a mountain, usually causing damage

epidemic/pandemic – diseases among a lot of people



Indian summer – babý léto (in autumn)

sleet – déšť se sněhem

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