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The New York City is the largest city of the american state New York. The city is situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean – it is one of the largest natural habour. The population of over 8 millions makes New York the most populous city of the United States.

The first documented visit by a European was in 1524  by a sailor in the service of French crown and he claimed this area for France. The first European settlement, called Nieuw Amsterdam, was founded by Dutches on the southern tip of Manhattan in 1614 because of fur trading.  The leader of the Dutch colony, Peter Minuit bought Manhattan from the Lenape tribe in 1626 for 60 guilders (disproved legend says that Manhattan was purchased for $24 worth of glass beads). In 1664, the English overtook the city and renamed it New York in honor of the later King James II. from York. In 1898, the modern City of New York was formed with the consolidation of Brooklyn (until then a separate city), the County of New York (which then included parts of the Bronx), the County of Richmond, and the western portion of the County of Queens.

The opening of the subway in 1904, first built as separate private systems, helped bind the new city together.  During the 1920s there was a huge influx of the African Americans from the south. The city was the target of terrorist attacks on the 11th of September 2001, when the World Trade Centre was destroyed and over 3000 of people died.

New York City is located on three islands: Manhattan, Long Island and Staten Island.


There are 5 boroughs of New York:

Manhattan – has the highest skyscapers, The Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. And there is also Central Park.

The Bronx – is on the continent. You can find there the zoo, the Yankees baseball stadiums and it is considered to be the birth place of rap.

Brooklyn – is at the west end of Long Island. It has a long beach area called Conney Island.

Queens – is on Long Island. New York´s two important airports are there: LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Staten Island is tho most natural part of New York. It has a lot of forests. You can get there by taking the Staten Island Ferry from Manhatten and see the Statue of Liberty.

East Village is a neighborhood of Manhattan. In the 1960s members of hippie community started to move into this area. This place is known as the birth place of punk rock and literature movement Nuyorican. East Village still remains one of the most important cultural centers of NY.


NY Fashion Week – is held every year in February and September. It is a serie of events when international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the press and the generall public. It consists of numerous branded events as well as many independent fashion productions around town. NY Fashion Week is one of the 5 biggest fashion weeks – the other four také place in Milan, Paris, Berlin and London.

Food Truck – is a truck that sells food. At first there were just few of them, opened at night for Night-time workers, but as they were becoming increasungly popular, they were able to be find on every corner. Nowadays, they don´t just sell fast food, but there are a lot of specialized restaurants on wheels, where you can find food which is not worse than in first class restaurants.

Skyscapers – there is almost 100 of skyscapers that are taller than 200 metres in New York. The tallest one is One World Trade Centre with 541 metres. This heigh makes it the fourth tallest building in the world. It was completed in 2013 near the place where the original Twins used to stand. The second highest tower is The Empire State Building with 38 metres.

Union Square – is an important and historic intersection inManhattan, located where Broadway and the former Bowery Road– now Fourth Avenue[4]– came together in the early 19th century. It´s famous for its statues of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi.

Rockefeller Centre – is a complex of 19 commercial buildings covering 22 acres, built by Rockefeller family in the centre of Manhattan. It is the largest privately owned complex of its kind in the world.



            have a break from the city and enjoy the greenest part?

            Central Park – it includes woods, lakes, paths for running and even a zoo. And in winter there are 2 ice rinks.

Enjoy wonderful views of the city?

            Rockefeller Centre or Empire State Building

            Visit 1000 animals in the zoo?

            Bronx Zoo – It is the largest zoo in the US. It has benn opened to the public since 1899. There are very interesting parts of the zoo such as Butterfly garden, JungleWorld, Congo Gorilla Forest and many more.

Catch the next plane to Prague?

            John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens. 90 international airlines fly from here.

See a concert of…?

            Carnegie Hall on Manhattan – one of the world´s most famous concert halls – usually for classical or popular music.

Listen to jazz music?

            Harlem – A lot of  African-American and hispanic immigrants came to live here at the beginning of the 20th century. The neighborhood became a conter of jazz music. For example Louis Armstong used to play here. In the Apollo theater.

Go shopping?

            Fifth Avenue – the most expensive street in the world, there are famous luxury clothes shops like Prada…and jewellers.

Be in the heart of NewYear´s  celebration?

            Times Square – it´s named after the New York Times newspaper. There are over one million people on the New Year´s Eve in the crowd. There is also a famous  prominent ball on the top of the roof of the One Times Square.

Get from Brooklyn to Manhattan on foot or by car

            Brooklyn Bridge

see the icon of New York?

            Statue of Liberty, on Libery island south from Manhattan


New York is „the city that never sleeps“ – it means it is the cultural and entertainment centre of the US, whereas Washington D.C. is the capital and government centre – there are all the federal buildins includint Capitol and The White House, as well as monument celebrating this country.


Some interesting facts about New York:

Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, and Bryant Park used to be cemeteries.

The city of New York will pay for a one-way plane ticket for any homeless person if they have a guaranteed place to stay.

Only day without murder, shooting or any violent incident was on November 28, 2012.

It takes 75,000 trees to print a Sunday edition of the New York Times.

There is a birth in New York City every 5 minutes and death every 10 minutes.

New York City has the largest Chinese population of any city outside of Asia.

New York’s Central Park is larger than the principality of Monaco.



LAS VEGAS -Las Vegas in Nevada is the fastest growing city in the USA. It’s famous for its huge casinos, which often look like top tourist attractions. For example, the Luxor is in the shape of a huge pyramid. Las Vegas is also well known for its wedding chapels and quick marriage ceremonies; there are even drive-through chapels.


CHICAGO – Chicago is home to Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower. This 442-metre skyscraper was the world’s tallest building until 1998. The Navy Pier is another popular place to go in Chicago; they have museums, theatres, a big Ferris wheel and boat cruises. Sports fans also might like to visit Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Chicago is also a city of jazz and blues clubs.


LOS ANGELES –  Los Angeles is in the south and is known for Hollywood, the centre of the American film industry, beaches and shopping. Many visitors to LA like to see Universal Studios, Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and other movie-related sites.


SAN FRANCISCO – Up north, San Francisco draws tourists to landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, historic cable cars, Fisherman’s Wharf, a waterfront area with many tourist attractions, and the notorious

Alcatraz Island with its former prison. San José is est known as the heart of Silicon Valley, where lots of tech companies like Google and Apple have their headquarters.


NEW ORLEANS –  in Louisiana.  It’s located in the delta of the largest American river, the Mississippi. The city stands out because of its mixed cultural heritage – the French Creole influences. This is most

noticeable in the architecture of the city’s French Quarter. It’s also the city of jazz and Dixieland music and in February the festival Mardi Gras takes place here. However, recently the town has been coping with two

major disasters: Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the oil spill in 2010.


HOUSTON – Houston is home to NASA’s Space Center and the largest fine arts museum in the Southwest.

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