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New York is the largest city in the USA.

It is one of the world’s leading (halvní) commercial, financial, industrial, business and cultural centers.

It is sometimes called “The Big Apple” (nobody can explain the origin of the nickname), or “the Melting Pot” because it is cosmopolitan city, or “the City, which never sleeps”, or “Capital of the world”.



New York is situated on the north-east coast at the mouth (ústí) of the Hudson and the East Rivers.

It covers an area of about 780square kilometers.

New York City consists of five boroughs (čtvrť): Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island (Richmond) and Brooklyn.

Only Bronx is situated on the mainland (pevnina), but the other boroughs are situated on islands. (It comprises some 50 islands).



• In 1609 Henry Hudson, English navigator, rediscovered the territory for settlers (osadníci) from Europe, because in 1524 the first navigator Giovanni Verrazano had come there.

• The first name of New York was New Amsterdam.

• New Amsterdam became an English colony and was renamed New York in the honor (na počest) of the Duke of York.

• In 1973 The Twins were built, but in 11th September 2001 was attacked by terrorists and nowadays there is Ground Zero and Americans plan to build Freedom Tower.



• New York City is the most populous city of the USA and one of the largest cities in the world with about 8 million people (over 18 million with conurbations (aglomerace)).

• There are more than 80 languages spoken in NY.

• New York used to be a city of immigrants, 40% of people are of different origin (they formed their communities for example Chinatown, the Jewish neighbour, Harlem or Little Italy)


Places of interest


is the oldest borough and also it’s the smallest but the most important one

is an island between the Hudson River and the East River

Manhattan is divided (rozdělen) into streets which run from the East to the West and avenues which run from the North to the South

the most famous street is Broadway, there are a lot of theatres, concert halls, cinemas

the most famous avenue is the 5th Avenue which is the most popular shopping street in the world where we can find the biggest department store Macy´s.

Lincoln Centre – is the largest culture complex in the world (exhibitions, theatre, film, dancers, concerts and beautiful Metropolitan Opera House)



o it’s famous for Bronx Park where tourists can find the best known Zoo in the USA and there is also famous Botanical garden

o there are a lot of prestigious private schools



o there are two bridges which connect (spojovat) Brooklyn with Manhattan (Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan bridge)

o there is famous beach called Coney Island (there are also a lot of attractions for tourists)

o there are a lot of docks, fishmongers (obchodníci s rybami), factories and warehouses (sklady)



o there are two biggest airports (JF Kennedy International Airport)

o in the middle of Queens is the part called Forest Hills where botanical gardens are and it’s also shopping and housing area

o there is Flushing Meadow known especially for botanical gardens and sport facilities (vyžití)


Staten Island (Richmond)

o only borough which isn’t connected with Manhattan by some bridge, it’s connect only with Brooklyn by Verrazano Narrows Bridge


o Liberty Island

a small island where the Statue of Liberty is situated – this statue was designed by Eiffel and created by Bartholdi as a gift from France in 1884 and it was completed in 1886

It’s a bronze figure of women holding a torch (pochodeň) in her right hand and book in the other hand. The book represents the Declaration of Independence. On her feet there are broken chains (řetězy) of tyranny and salary.


o Ellis Island

it was the point of entry of immigrants to the United States.

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