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Otázka: The English Speaking Countries

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Other english speaking countries

English speaking countries are countries where is english spoken as a mother language. These are the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I will speak about Canada and Australia. I´ll start with Canada.



Canada is originally a French colony but now belongs to the Great Britain. The official head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. The original inhabitants were Indians and Eskimos. Canada is situated in the North America between the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic Oceans. In the south it borders on the USA. It is second largest country in the world. The total area is about 10 million square kilometres and there live 30 million people so the density of population is very small. Most of them live near the southern border. The capital city of the country is Ottawa but it’s not the largest city. The largest cities are Toronto and Montreo. The other large cities are for example Montreal,Vancouver or Winnipeg. Canada is divided into 10 provinces a nd 3 territories. The biggest province is Quebec, and next are for example Ontario, Alberta or Newfoundland. Canada is a bilingual country – that means that there are two official languages – English and French. Most of the population speak English (about 70%), and about 30% speak French. Most of them live in the province Quebec and Montreal is the largest French-speaking city out of France. Currency is Canadian dollar. Canada is rich in raw materials. There are gold, silver, platinum, copper and lot´s of wood.

There are two big rivers – The Yukon and St. Lawrenci River and big lakes – Winnipeg, Great Bear lake and Great Slave lake. Canada shares with USA a part of Niagara Falls.

Typical animals of Canada are bears, foxes, reindeers and beavers. The symbol of Canada is the Maple leaf. Canada is one of the coldest countries in the world. For Canada is very important sport. Most important sports are these: curling and ice – hockey.



Australia is the smallest continent in the world. It lies between Indian and Pacific oceans. Australia was discovered by James Cook. At first Australia was used as a british convict colony. The first people there were Aboriginees. Now it´s british colony. The head of the state is Queen Elizabeth II. It´s divided into six states – for example Tasmania, Queensland and two territories. The capital city of Australia is Canberra but the largest cities are Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney is famous for Harbour Bridge and Opera House. There live about 20 million people. The density of population is low. Most of australians live in the south-east corner between Sydney and Melbourne. This is because of the very dry land. The currency is Australian dollar.

About one third of the country is made up of desert. There are two deserts – Great Sandy desert and Victoria desert. In Australia live animals like kangaroos, the koala bears and the platfus. These animal we can´t find anywhere else so in Australia there are lots of Natinal Parks. There are also poisonous animals like some kinds of snakes and spiders – for example black widows. Also there are in the sea jellyfish. Typical Australian tree is eucalyptus. One of the greatest geographical attractions is Ayers Rock. It can be found in Uluru National Park in Northern territory of Australia.
Australia is a rich country. There are produced meat, fruit, vegetables, wool and wine. There are also found gold, silver, iron, copper, coal and diamonds.

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