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Otázka: Our school

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Anet99



The name of our school is Bussiness academy and Hotel school in Třebíč.


Our school has got four buildings:

1) First building is situated in the center of our city on the street Sirotčí. This is building of Hotel school.
– In the basement are cloakrooms and graphic workplaces.
– On the ground floor is reception, buffet, kitchen, toaletes and come classes.
– On the first floor is headmaster, cabinets, blue sofa, big TV, toaletes and some classes.
– On the second floor are some cabinets, classes, toaletes and reception. On this floor is also passage to another building.
– On the third floor is cabinet with school library and some classes.

2) Second building is also situated on the street Sirotčí. This is building os Bussiness academy.

3) Third building is in Borovina. There is vocational school and hostel for students.

4)Last building is situated in Náměšť nad Oslavou. In this building is restaurant, hairdresser’s. This is place, where students have practice.


In our school is lots of field of study:

  • With maturita exam is here HOTEL INDUSTRIE and  TOURISM.


Students of our school can go on practice not only in Czech Republic but also abroad.
For example to Spain or to Germany. School offers also some internships and trips. There are internships to Spain for example. It’s for 3 weeks. Then students can go on some trips with our school for exapmle to Poland to concentration camp, then to England for 10 days, to Prague or to Christmas Vienna.

School offers lots of courses. For example barman’s course, course of cold kitchen, course of fruit and vegetable carving and more.

Shool also organizes lots of exhibitions, competitions and also Day of open doors. On these events can students show their skills and visitors can see lots of cakes, festive tables with food, some wares from cold kitchen course. Students also can compete in barman’s competition or in fruit carving competition.

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