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Pride and Prejudice

The film is based on the book by Jane Austen and it was directed by Joe Wright. Main characters were played by Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen. The film was nominated in 5 categories on Oscars but did not change any nominations. (38)

Story is set in Great Britain, especially to the countryside, in the 18. century. It was filmed in Great Britain too. (17)

It is about the Bennet family. Mrs. Bennet wants to marry her 5 daughters. The 2 oldest daughters Elizabeth and Jane are sensible, clever and well behave. The other 3 are exact opposite. Jane falls in love with kind Mr. Bingley, who moves to their neighbourhood. He wants to marry her but his friend Mr. Darcy excuses it. Mr. Darcy is rich but pride man and that is the reason why Elizabeth refuses his propose. He changes his behaviour and helps her family. In the end both couples are married. (79)

I strongly recommend Pride and Prejudice. It is full of beautiful costumes, excellent acting performances and reminds to love always win. (21)

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