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Our today´s world is very different from the world in the past. We can say that the globe became smaller, because we can communicate with anybody on the other side of the world very quickly. We can use e-mail, skype, Facebook and others. Also, the mobile phones help us to talk to anybody anywhere very quickly. Modern technology is on the very high level.

Also, the medicine made a great progress. We can cure many illnesses which were not curable in the past. Although we have so many things which make our life comfortable, we are not happier than our parents, great parents and all our ancestors.


There are problems which weren´t on the earth in the past.

1) There are environmental problems – the nature is in a very bad state, because we are not disciplined and do not behave well. There is a lot of pollution and we do not know what to do with our wasted things, e.g., plastic. There are also the holes in the atmosphere which make our weather hotter and hotter. I would like to talk about these problems later.


2) The wars are a big problem which was not solved by human race. People think they can make agreement with each other, but there are always people who want to use their freedom for being aggressive and have power over others.


3) There are many people starving, but on the other side of the globe people are rich and don´t know what to do with their money.


4) We also have to face moral problems. We want to have freedom, but we do not know how to deal with it. It means that people want to tolerate everything, but then we see that we are overwhelmed by problems like free addictions, abortions, crime and others.


So now, I will be talking about the environmental problems.

We can live on this planet thanks to basic components, which are needed for human existence – air, water, soil and the sun. But the paradox is that we are polluting these most important things for us.

Pollution is one of the greatest problems of our age. We must think of the quality of our air, water and soil more than any time before, because the environmental problems affect all countries of the world. To be in balance with nature is important not only for us but even for animals and plants, which don’t pollute the environment. During the last years certain species of animals became extinct or very rare thanks to our behaviour.

The Earth has many problems for example pollution of seas and oceans and air, the ozone layer thinning and the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide. We know that we would die without water but despite it we pollute sources of drinking water and most of us act like they don’t care at all.



One of the most serious problems is global warming. It´s caused by something known as the ´greenhouse effect´, because the planet is made to feel like a greenhouse by gases that gather above the surface of the earth, trapping heat near the surface. This warms the planet and damages the environment as a result. Even though many consider global warming a serious threat to the environment, there are some who doubt the severity of its effects.



Other environmental problems include acid rain, caused by gases from vehicles and coal-burning power stations, and air pollution, largely produced by humans. In addition, the planet is suffering an overpopulation crisis.


What can we do in everyday life?

  • Not let the tap turned on (when you are cleaning your teeth),
  • buy local food on markets (not imported products which travelled across the world),
  • drink tap water instead of packed (you will reduce amount of wrapping),
  • recycle,
  • turn lights of when nobody is in the room,
  • use less car – go to work or school by bus, bike or on foot.
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