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 Otázka: School report

 Jazyk: Angličtina

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What would we improve at our grammar school?


Through this report, we wanted to express ourselves as students of the Episcopal Grammar School and answer the director’s question of whether the donor money should be used to improve the classes and  equipment of the school, or to social activities of the students.


Classes are after constant improvement, excellently furnished. Next, we have several specialized classes in one particular subject, which also includes classroom equipment that makes learning easier and lesson is more interesting for students. The only deficiency in the class equipment is the inconvenient high-seated chair, which most pupils have to crumple on.


Regarding social activities for students, there is a great selection of foreign tours at our gymnasium, which is a wonderful opportunity for us to get acquainted with foreign culture, to practice a foreign language and to use a joint trip to deepen the relationships between students and teachers. Pupils have the opportunity to learn that the school is not just a boring everyday duty, but rather a preparation for life.


We would recommend to spend received money for new chairs which are anatomically better adapted. It  would have a positive impact on students‘ concentration.

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