School system in the Czech Republic – maturitní otázka

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Otázka: School system (CR)

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Founasek



School system School attendance in the Czech Republic is compulsory (mandatory). From the age of 6 up to 15/16. Schools are divided into – state schools – private schools – church schools In private schools you have to pay school fees. In state schools you have to pay only for text books. Students don‘t have to wear uniforms. School year starts on the 1st of september and ends on the 30th of June. It is divided into 2 terms (september – january, february – june). Classes begin usually at 8 o‘clock. Every class lasts usually 45 minutes. Breaks last between 5 to 20 minutes. Students are evaluated by/ with grades / marks. 1 is the best, 5 is the worst.


First, kids go to kindergarten. They learn to draw, sing, count (slightly), socialize. They play games, take walks etc.


After kindergarten they go to elementary/primary school. It has 2 stages (1 up to 5, 6 to 9). In the first stage learn to write, read, count and they start a foreign language. In the second stage kids have subjects like history, geography, chemistry, biology, physics, civics, art, music, computer, gym etc.


After elementary school, students go to high school/ secondary school and have more options. They go either to grammar school, specialized school or vocational school. Grammar schools offer general-knowledge education. Specialized schools offer fields like engineering, building, business academy, nursing, etc. Vocational schools train students for their future jobs like brick layer, locksmith, plumber, hair dresser, carpenter, cook etc. High schools are accomplished with a school-leaving exam, which is taken in usually 4 subjects (2 of them are compulsory, 2 of them are optional). Students also take the state school-leaving exam, which is compulsory in 2 subjects (Czech and foreign language or math).


After high school some students go to university or college.

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