Otázka: Shopping

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Adriana Hlávková


Shopping is quite an important activity for our lives because it’s unnecessary to buy food for us to survive. But for many people it is more than just something what we need – it is rather a hobby or some kind of therapy for them. We can buy things in various ways:


Department store is a large building which has a wide range of goods, mostly vegetable, bread and other food, flowers, clothes, toys, and household items.

Shopping mall is one or even more big buildings with lots of shops inside. We can also find there some restaurants, cinemas, cafes, just everything. But the biggest disadvantage here are huge crowds of people.

Self-service shops are small shops usually situated in the countryside with small range of goods.

Markets are popular because of their special atmosphere – they are noisy, overcrowded but people can walk from stall to stall, they can touch and taste products and talk to the salesmen. They can try to bargain and get a reduced price. Goods are sold from people who made or harvested it, so it is always fresh and has good-quality.

Online shopping is good for people who don´t like meeting other people or who don´t have much time to do their shopping in a regular way. They choose a product according to a picture and description, click and wait until it is brought to their house. It is very common to buy electronics this way, some people buy clothes and shoes, today it is even possible to buy food and so on.


When you go shopping, you must pay for goods and the most common way is to pay cash. But nowadays I think people use credit or debit cards more often than before.  I think that sometimes it’s comfortable when you must pay bigger amount of money. You can just take your credit card and you mustn’t withdraw money from the cash machine. But I also think it’s not good for young generation because we must learn properly how to count our money, how much we can spend and how much we will get in return.


I don’t like shopping at all, to be honest. I just hate the ‘window shopping’ when I go with my friends and they want to see everything and don’t buy anything. I know that even some of my friends need to shop just as a kind of some therapy – for example my friend broke up with her boyfriend and we had to go shopping some shoes with her. I really didn’t get it.

I just prefer going shopping clothes on my own or with my mum or boyfriend because they don’t lie me about their opinion. And shopping with them doesn’t take too long. I am always exhausted and my feet are on fire – so I just go shopping only when it’s necessary and when I need something (for example presents). But definitely not for fun.

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