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The Czech Republic

  • Capital: Prague
  • Official language: Czech
  • Largest cities: Prague, Brno, Ostrava
  • Population: 10,5 milion inhabitants
  • Area: 78 864
  • Density: 131 people to one sq. km
  • Currency: Czech crown
  • Flag: white, red, blue (have symbolize silver Czech lion, symbolize red sphere shield, blue is symbol of Slovak.
  • Symbol: 2 eagles, 2 lions
  • (Quarterly, first and fourth part a lion rampant double-queued Argent crowned, armed and langued Or (for Bohemia), second quarter Azure an eagle displayed chequy gules and argent crowned, armed and langued Or (for Moravia), third quarter Or, Upon an eagle displayed Sable crowned, armed and langued proper (for Silesia).
  • Form of Goverment: Republic
  • Head of Goverment: Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok
  • Head of State: President Miloš Zeman
  • Legislature: Bicameral legistature: Chamber of Deputies, 200 deputies, Senate, 81 senators
  • Highest court: Supreme court


Political Parties:

  • Social Democratic Party (ČSSD)
  • ANO
  • Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM)
  • TOP O9 (conservative party)
  • Civic Democratic Party: (ODS)
  • Green Party (SZ)



  • Neighbours: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria
  • Highest Peak: Sněžka (1603 m)
  • Major Rivers: Elbe, Vltava, Moravia
  • Political Administration: 14 regions
  • Climate: humid continental climate with cold winters and warm summers.
  • 25 Landscape parks (CHKO)
  • Mountains: the Krkonoše, The Jizerské, The Orlické, The Krušné Mountains
  • Agriculture: 40% of land is cultivated
    • Crops grown in the CR: barley,wheat,corn,rye,sugar,beets, potatoes,flax and hops
    • Farmers breed pigs, sheep,cattle, fowl.
  • Mining and Manufacturing: steelworks, glass industry, jewellery, kaolin, clay



  • From the historical point of wiew, our territory has been inhabited by Slavonia tribe in the 5th
  • The first Slavonia state was Samo´s Empire founded in 623
  • After 9th century Great Moravien Empire
  • The power was taken over by the Přemysl dynasty
  • The greatest development of Prague was in 14th century during the reign of Charles IV from the dynasty of the Luxemburgs.
  • He founded Charles University and he promoted the construction of Charles Bridge
  • 15th century was marked by the Hussite Movement.
  • It is named after John Huss, who was burnt as a heretic
  • The other dynasties were: Jagiellonian and after Habsburg dynasty
  • World War I.
  • 1918 Czechoslovakia
  • After World War II. the power was taken by the communists till the velvet revolution.
  • 1993 the Czech and Slovak republic
  • 1999 Joined the North Atlantic Treaty Org. (NATO)
  • 2004 Joined the European Union


Places of Interest

  • Karlovy Vary – Famous spa
  • 2500 Castles in Czech countryside
  • The Most:Karlštejn, Prague Castle
  • Vitus Cathedral
  • Petřín Tower
  • National Museum, National Theatre
  • Plzeň – Pilsner Urguell
  • Kampa
  • Slavin cemetery



  • Czech Beer
  • Glass
  • Jewellery
  • In 1827 Cousins Squirrels inveted plough
  • In 1837 J.E.Purkyně was co-founder of Cytology
  • In 1878 František Křižík ivented arc lamp
  • In 1892 Daniel Swarovski
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