The magic world of cinema – otázka z angličtiny



Otázka: The magic world of cinema

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Kate



The history

There were a lot of inventions and innovations of necessary for the advent of cinema in history. It was electromagnetic induction and alsoEdison’s bulb in 1879. The film was invented by Lumiere brothers in 1895. Their first film was a short. First it was black and white and silent. There were usually comedies and cartoons (kreslený). The first film with a real plot (děj) was a western The Great Train Robbery, which was 10 minutes long. The first real cinema building was founded inParisin 1897. The most important actors were Charlie Chaplin. Today we can see colour and sound film. Everybody has a colour TV. The most important television studio is found inLos AngelesinUSA. It’s calledHollywoodand to get there is a dream of all actors.


The production of film

The film is a result of teamwork. There work directors, cameramen, screen, writers, producents and others.


Festivals, Oscars

Every year there are many new films produced and we can see them on different film festivals that take place in Cannes, Berlin and also in Karlovy Vary. The best films can get some prices for example, American Film Academy awards Oscars every year.


Some films which got Oscars: Amadeus, My Fair Lady, Ostře sledované vlaky directed by J. Menzel, Kolja by J. Svěrák.

The script (scénář), actors and directors are the most important condition (předpoklad) of the successful film.

In the Czech republic the films, director, actors and actress can win the Czech Lion.


Foundation of film

The first film studios were founded in Hollywood, New Jersey and Long Island. In the end of 20th century there were 20 studios. It was made westerns, gangsters, films and comedies with first stars – Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton. The films were very popular of 20th century and were made history, films such as The Iron Mask or Robin Hood.


The golden age ofHollywood

It was a time between years 1930-48. The first films were black and white but later it was colour. They were made the first animated films, which were produced by Walt Disney such as Popeye The Sailor or Snow White And Seven Dwarfs.


Film today

It is produced a lot of films such as SCI-FI, comedies, dramatic, or romantic films, very popular are thrillers and action films.



The cinemas are not people every day, because the tickets are extremely expensive. A lot of people prefer watching videos and computers because it is more comfortable to sit in armchair at home or to choose the film.

In the cinema the films look like reality. There possibility of effects. It affects (ovlivnit) lots of people. When some new film is shot (natočen), one can watch it first in a cinema. We can go there with many friends. We don’t have to wear so nice clothes like in the theatre. You can wear T-shirts and Jeans.


I like going to the theatre, because plays live.

My favourite musical is Children paradise.


(paradise – ráj )

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