The United kingdoom

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Otázka: The United kingdoom

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Martina



Consist of England, Scotland(Scots), Wales (Welschmen) , Northem Ireland (Irelish)



The United Kingdoom is located in north-west Europe on the island of Great Britain and the northern part of the island of Ireland.
Between the UK and Europe the English Channel flows. In the East, there is North Sea, and between Irelaand and Great Britain there is Irish sea and Celtic sea. In north-west the UK is surrounded by Atlantic ocean.
The largest rivers are Thames, the Severn and the Trent. Thames divides London to 2 parts and empties to North sea. Severn is the longest river. The most famous lake by volume is Loch Ness in Scotland. About the Lochness one legend exists. It says that One prehistoric monstrum like waters dinosaurus exists there. But the largest lake by area is Lougn Neagh in Northern Ireland and Windermere.
The most numerous lakes are situated in the Lake District National Park in the Cambrian Montains. It is the Englandś largest National park. Cambrian mountains are the biggest ranges of mounteins
The landscape is mostly hilly with rolling hills . The most forest was cuted and therefore landscape is green. There are many fields and pastures hich are important for a sheep breeding.
Highlands of Scotland are situated in the North of Britain and Scotland. It is the highest highland with the highest peak Ben Nevis, other highlands are Cheviot hills and Pennines which occupies he central part of Northern England and of course Cambrian mountains.



Climate is modified by warm Golf stream. Climate is humit smart. Mild Summers change cool winters. Weather is dump due to rains. Typically weather is rainy.



In the UK live over 60 000 000mi. inhabitants. There lives a lot of ethnic groups such as British, Irish, immigrants from former British colonies and other Europeans. For example a lot of student from CR want to study or work in the London. London is one of the most multicultural cities in the word.


Famous people

Charles Dickens was English the most famous novelist. He is responsible for some of English literaryś most iconic novels and characters. CH. D. was born at Landport and he was the second of heir 8 children. Dickens was lover of the style of the 18th century, picturesque or a Gothic romance. He is most famed for characters, which he created. Dickens wrote numerous novels and numerous famous characters such as  Jacob Marley, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and Samuel Pickwick.

Kiera Knightley – She is famous as an actress and model. Her career begun as a child and her the first greatest success was the role in the film Pirates of the Caribbean. She is a celebrity a therefore her life is full of paparazzi and her life is not private. She is very successful and beautiful actress even she was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for the best Actress. But once she was accused of suffering from anorexia.



The first settlers of the British isles were the Iberians in about 3 000bc and then the Celtic tribes came and they were called Britons. The British isles were named as Britons. Their leaders were named druids and celtics ate enemies meat and probably the built Stonehange. After Celticś period Romans inhabited the country and they brought roads, canalization, stone fortifications and spa system.
In 13th century Magna Charta was underwritten and the power of the rulers was limited. It was the first democratic contract. In the 15th century 2 great English noble houses wanted the crown. First noble house with their symbol of the red rose and the second noble house with symbol of the white rose. Therefore this Battle is called War of the roses.
When Tudor dynasty ruled and Hanry VIII wanted get to divorce from his first wife, because she didn´t give him a son, only the daughter. But divorce wasn´t allowed him and therefore he founded a Church of England himself and divorced from Catherine. During his reign national culture flowered great.



When it says British, I imagine the old man in a formal dress and with a cup of black tea with milk. They are very proud of their long and glorious history, the unspoilt beauty of their landscape and of their sports such as cricket, football, golf and polo. They cherish their tradition for example afternoon tea at 4, roast beef an Sunday and warm beer. They have their private at home and their garden is recreation. Queue jumping means offence. Typically food is fish and chips, pudding, sendwiches, and bacon with eggs.


Political system

Head of the UK is Queen Elizabeth II, she reigns, bud doesn’t rule and her main job is representing the UK. UK is founder of Common Wealth of UK.
Government consist of the House of commons, who are voted by people and they are represented by the green colour and of the Lords, who inherited  the chairs and they are represented by the red colour.
They haven´t got written constitution, but they follow the tradition habits.
Constitutional monarchy, Constitution is not one document, based on tradition
People can vote in age of
Leg. Body: parliament in London, seat in Westminster abby
The house of commons: like our chamber of deputies, 646 members called MP – elected by people in general elections, which are held at least every five years. The house is presided by the Speaker, who is appointed by the Government (after consultation with the leader of the opposition)
House of lords: heredity peers → not elected,  about 1200 peers (lords of appeal, archbishops and bischops)
Exec. Body: partial system: Labour party x Conservative party
Judicial b.: courts (highest = supreme)


Places of interest

Beach head – Chalk rocks, giant cliffs
Loch ness


Stratford – upon Avon – the second most visited town in England. it was founded by King Richard I. And became famous as birth place of W. Shakespeare (in Hanley Stree). There is The Royal Shakespeare Theatre.


Oxford – (from 12th century) is the seat of the oldest English university – 34 colleges now.

Cambrige – is the residence of the second oldest university in Britain (from 13th century)
OXBRIDGE – název pro obě univerzity

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