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Otázka: Travelling

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Crashatorr



What makes people travel?

People travel because of many reasons. First of all: travelling to work/ school. I guess more appropriate word is commuting. Regardless the proper name, it still has got the most hated ,,destination“. But we have to get there somehow and since teleports haven’t been invented yet, travelling it’s the only possible way ( Actually, teleporting could also be considered as travelling, but let’s keep things simple).

And then there’s the pleasant travelling. The real travelling. Now we can focus on the impulses, which make people want to travel. Apart from the actual necessity of getting from one place to another, there are two important aspects of human nature arousing our passion for travelling.

Curiosity. People want to experience the unknown. It’s like a drug. Once you start travelling, you want to see more and more and more… Hell of an addictive drug, but useful and harmless as well.

Desire to have a good time. All means of transport have their certain something what makes them unique. I don’t want to describe every single one of them, but there’s one extraordinary. Surprisingly it’s a car. I would love to experience those legendary road trips. Friends, good music and nobody to boss you around.


My travelling

I think, I’m an eager traveler. I do like travelling, especially abroad. In fact, I’m not much of a fan of travelling in the Czech Republic, I don’t know why, though. Our country has got amazing natural beauties and historical sights, but none of them attracted me really. I’m not exactly a patriotic inhabitant, but what I can say, I’ve been always interested in foreign countries.

One of the possible explanations is people’s behaviour. Well, I’ll name the countries I’ve been to, for you to know, what I’m talking about. Croatia, Italy, England, Bulgaria, Slovakia, France ( Corsica). I’ve spent at least a week in every country mentioned and I find those people friendlier. Especially the countries on the south. I know they have to act nicely, otherwise they won’t make money. But I’m talking also about the ordinary people, who aren’t selling coconuts on the beach. I don’t have any bad experience with foreigners whatsoever. They seem quite excited just by the fact you are from a different country. A lovely example are ice-cream sellers. God, I love those guys! You would think an ice-cream seller can’t provide satisfying customer service, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Honestly, those 4 or 5 kunas spent for the ice-cream is the best investment in the whole day.

I guess I got quite carried away, so let’s get back to the topic. Another thing I like about being abroad is the language barrier. And the situation is the same again. You won’t usually use English much in Croatia or Italy, but nobody minds. Nobody cares even if you can speak at all (That’s exaggerated of course, but for the sake of this article, don’t take it seriously). As long as you are able to gesticulate and pantomime a little bit, you are okay. Sometimes it’s fun to break this barrier with your hands and legs only with no knowledge of particular language at all.


Means of transport

Vehicles, which make our travelling easier. It’s impossible to make a list of all of them, but I can mention at least the most frequently used. Let me do one little adjustment, by crossing out a car, we can focus on public means of transport only. I hope you don’t mind, but I will describe a car later. Now let’s get down to business.

Starting with the cheapest and very often used- a bus. Travelling by bus is quite simple. You get on it at bus stops, usually located evenly through the whole city. The ride itself isn’t that comfortable, but it’s bearable. One of the disadvantages are other passengers, who might misbehave, making your journey less enjoyable. Also, its dependence on the traffic around could be considered as disadvantage. On the other hand, as written above, it’s probably the cheapest mean of transport. Furthermore, the number of bus stops is quite significant, so you don’t have to walk too much after you get off.

Very similar to bus, but using an electric motor instead of combustion engine, is a trolleybus. Plus, it’s running on electricity, so any kind of liquid fuel isn’t needed. The disadvantages are more or less the same like buses‘. There is one more that buses don’t have, though. The necessity of the electric current. Because of that, the routes have to be set up some time before. In my opinion, the whole trolleybus business isn’t making any progress. I think, despite of its advantages such as nature environment friendliness, it will be soon replaced.

A tram is the ,,third king” of public transport in cities. When speaking of construction, it’s very similar to a train. Like a trolleybus, a tram is electrically-powered. Moreover, trams drive on rails, whereas trolleybuses don’t need such a thing. The biggest advantage seems to be very frequent traffic. If you miss it, you don’t have to worry, because in next five minutes there is going another one. Also, trams tend to transport you faster than buses, because of their possibility to move on rails.

I know this list could be endless, but let’s add one more and we are done. I guess you know, which vehicle I saved for the end. Yup, it’s a train. Definitely the most comfortable of all vehicles mentioned. I guess the ratio between comfort and price is adequate. Nevertheless, a train doesn’t belong to pure city transports, it’s more like an inter-city vehicle. Travelling by train is comfy, calming and enjoyable.


Car and driving licence

The most favourite vehicle. With the ability to get almost anywhere you want to, a car is part of nearly every family. Unfortunately, buying a car or even its operation is very expensive. A car is said to be the worst investment. However, even this fact doesn’t people discourage from buying their very own one. I don’t see any sense in describing a car or discussing its advantages or disadvantages, because it’s as boring as well known. I would rather focus on much more interesting topic and that would be a driving licence.

As I’ve successfully finished my driving school recently, I remember everything very clearly. If you are not used to be under pressure, than passing the training will be very difficult. Especially, in the first lessons, when you have to look out for so many things. The driving instructors are a chapter in itself. They think they’re helping, which they do, but most of the time they really depress you. So you have to stay on top of things and try not to take their sarcastic comments too personally. On the other hand, they know their stuff, so you better listen to them, because you have to learn a whole new activity in 28 hours. Of course you won’t be driving like a pro, the moment you step out of the driving school, but that’s not its purpose. Once you finish, you should be able to drive from one place to another 100% safe. That’s what every driving school should teach you. Then, when you master the basics, you can improve yourself. You’ll solve the traffic situations faster, park more precisely or drive faster and safer at the same time.

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